Slave X

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Arena of Pain 2  (2004)

  • Starring:  AnimaSlave X
  • Movie Synopsis:  History has brought us some great arenas such as The Coliseum, but none reach the level of intensity as THE ARENA OF PAIN. It might not be that large, but it's big enough for some dominant females to ... Read more
  • Starring:  Slave X
  • Movie Synopsis:  With a few good whacks to slave x's ass the fiery Mistress Eden gets slaves ass red hot. She has decided to allow slave to huff her sweet milky ass and tastes her sweetness. With a few more whacks to ... Read more
  • Starring:  Mistress DometriaMistress Fabulous Slave X
  • Movie Synopsis:  Today, Mistress Dometria is aided by Mistress Fabulous, who as the devoted among you know is a TV Mistress. Mistress Dometria sets out the rules for today's pain and pleasure session and Mistress Fabu... Read more
  • Starring:  Mistress RebeccaSlave X
  • Movie Synopsis:  Savor ultra sexy blonde Mistress Rebecca as She takes slave x through his paces. His control top pantyhose bulge with his swollen and abused manhood as She circles him as he stands bound. He goes to h... Read more

Queens of Mean  (2004)

  • Starring:  Lady LeahMistress DestinySlave X
  • Movie Synopsis:  When ordinary discipline is not enough, these beautiful but cruel Mistresses inflict extreme measures of correction on their helpless naked slaves. Regal & relentless erotic torment by an all-star cas... Read more