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Trans Obsessions  (2007)

Jammed in Japan #1  (2004)  Compilation

Fossil Fuckers  (2013)  Compilation

  • Starring:  Bia StephanieEmanSuzanneAllanRogueYuri
  • Movie Synopsis:  In order to feel manly, my bother decided to fuck a tranny. It's his first time but he's in his prime so he fucked her feminine fanny!

She Is Gorgeous  (2000)

  • Starring:  BrunaMarjorie Yuri
  • Movie Synopsis:  You gotta love a chick with a set of big, luscious tits and a nice sized dick too! Brazilian trannies are exotic and delicious with their dark skin and hot, eager mouths gobbling up dick as quickly as... Read more
  • Starring:  HitomiLoriMichael DamYuri
  • Movie Synopsis:  Hardcore voyeurism it is. Japanese men fantasize about whether or not they can get away with secretly video recording a women in her most vulnerable situations. Their point is quickly proved as they ... Read more