Alex Magni

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  • Starring:  Alex Magni
  • Movie Synopsis:  At Club Paradise Sauna in Gallarate Alex and Kicca have organized a nice little party with the most horny women of the moment. Kicca Martini, Daiana from Brescia, Valentina the secretary and Alexy Bre... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex Magni
  • Movie Synopsis:  Lina di Ancona and Patrizia of Falconara are the protagonists of Alex's new madness, the Poker-Sex. A game that it does not understand anything, but the important thing is that there are 2 women on th... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex Magni
  • Movie Synopsis:  Great trip to Salerno from Ciro and his buffalo mozzarella! We will see how the mozzarella is produced that we send to Germany ! A mysterious chemical reaction that takes place thanks to the various f... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniStella Rubino
  • Movie Synopsis:  Kicca Martini wrote the wrong post on a big bastard ... Tremendous revenge for Stella Rubino and her friend Alexy Brey. First she is mistreated and then she is sodomized and humiliated. .. Uncontainab... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex Magni
  • Movie Synopsis:  Alex is in Verona to try to find home to the now famous from Naple Antonietta. Alex turns to a well-known sex professional, Lisa from Verona. To convince her, they proceed with a beautiful North vs So... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniAngelica (II)MorenaDeborah Valentine
  • Movie Synopsis:  Angelica is pissed off because Morena di Spoleto, envious of her, smashed her car, unleashes herself with a good fuck and introduces us Deborah her bitch friend.

Incendi boschivi  (2019)

  • Starring:  Alex MagniSissy Neri
  • Movie Synopsis:  Sissy Neri get married and how do you want me to celebrate? With a bouquet of cocks of course.
  • Starring:  Alex MagniMoana
  • Movie Synopsis:  Two big cows .. ... two big sluts , they get their pussies and asses screwed .. and with these whores the cock between the tits is a must!
  • Starring:  Alex MagniValeryZorro
  • Movie Synopsis:  It 's true that the Roman girls are great pigs, you see this video and you will understand!
  • Starring:  IreneAlex MagniDaniela Ladispoli
  • Movie Synopsis:  The Virgin of S. Babila wants to lose her virginity in front of the camera and Daniela di Ladispoli wants to give a little cut to her pussy .. They will both end up taking it in the ass!

Pompe Funebri  (2019)

  • Starring:  Alex MagniFrancesca NencettiStecco DucaleAlexy BreyFabio
  • Movie Synopsis:  In San Casciano, to commemorate Alexy Brey, something strange happens ... to the sound of cock the pussies of the other world awaken! An absurd orgy with these 2 horny and hungry women.
  • Starring:  Alex Magni
  • Movie Synopsis:  Have you ever developed some really deep feelings for someone? If so, you might want to peep out Sensazioni Profonde! Because in Italian, the title translates to "Deep Feelings!" Lucrezia ha... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniImmacolataAdele(II)
  • Movie Synopsis:  "In Rome, the great return of Adele, the girl who drove all the CXC cocks crazy. With her Immacolata, who has a great desire for cock and promised to get fucked without a mask! " Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniMaddalena La SardaBianca PasquinoCory
  • Movie Synopsis:  Cory is 26 years old and she is really a great pussy! Guest of Maddalena, we know her today in Rome. With her also Maddalena's Husband and Pasquino, the trans with the big cock that drills everything ... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniGiada LucardoArianna
  • Movie Synopsis:  Giada Lucardo, the real slutty Apulian! Today her presence was requested by Arianna and Carlo, an Emilian couple who wants to take part at one of our movies .. and we have satisfied them ... (subscrib... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniRosalba PompatoGiada Lucardo
  • Movie Synopsis:  Two Apulians moved to Tuscany, Giada Lucardo new at CxC, who introduces us to Rosalba Pompato, a very dirty milf who gets buggered by Alex and a very badass beginner. We believe she developed an ass f... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex MagniGloria (II)Stefania Pelosa
  • Movie Synopsis:  Ivrea super dirty with Gloria who introduces us to Stefania, her whore friend who never shaves her pussy. Me, Francois and two beginners can't wait to go into the black hole of this great milf. Read more

Gloria a Monza  (2020)

  • Starring:  Alex MagniGloria (II)Carla Mozzafiato
  • Movie Synopsis:  In Monza, big orgy with squirting and anal sex: the participants are Gloria and Carla Mozzafiato! Lots of beginners, including one from Sardinia who came specifically to cum on Carla Mozzafiato's face... Read more