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Ignite Vol. 2  (2021)


Jia  (2021)


Sweet Seduction  (2021)

  • Starring:  Jia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  That familiar mix of fear and excitement hits the head. All we can see in the endless depths of this dark room is a black leather bed with an incredible redheaded beauty on it. We need less than a sec... Read more

The New House  (2021)

  • Starring:  Jia LissaLiya Silver
  • Movie Synopsis:  Can you imagine something better than an extreme and long orgasm? Well, yeah, probably nothing is better than it. However, there are some things which are quite close to the same sensation For example... Read more
  • Starring:  Jia LissaSonya Blaze
  • Movie Synopsis:  What can be better than two incredible Russian girls having fun together? Well, when one of them has a PhD in Jiology and other one has a huge dick. To bring Futanari on the next level, Dr. Jia discov... Read more

Dropouts Part 1  (2021)

  • Starring:  Jia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  Our stunning redhead Jia Lissa continues to explore and to expand her sexual horizons. So to achive her goal, she travels to the distant corners of our Universe So, today our famous intergalactic love... Read more

Dropouts Part 2  (2021)

  • Starring:  HaneenJia LissaSonya Blaze
  • Movie Synopsis:  Welcome back to the laboratory of our favorite professor of sexual science Jia Lissa. Today the doctor prepared for Sonya Blaze one more special present live sex doll Haneen. So, Sonya can fuck and cr... Read more

Club VXN Vol. 8  (2021)

Dropouts Finale  (2022)

  • Starring:  Alya StarkJia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  Heavy chains bind the whole body and tighten around the neck of a young woman. Their rumble, mixed with cries for help, fills the whole laboratory. Well, today, Alya Stark agreed to be a part of the a... Read more
  • Starring:  Jia LissaSonya Blaze
  • Movie Synopsis:  Alien parasites took over the minds of Jia and Sonya. So, black tiny monsters fill in the heads of the girls with hot creamy cum, while their bodies convulse on the cold black floor. After a couple of... Read more
  • Starring:  Jia LissaVeronica Leal
  • Movie Synopsis:  Double penetration with four huge black aliensFully creampied and covered in hot alien cum. Fucked all the way through and fully controlled by an alien parasite Well, Veronicas first day at the labora... Read more

Parasited Twins  (2022)

  • Starring:  Jia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  Finally, the triumphant return of Jia Lissa twins maids is here. Same house, but very different surprises. Firstly, alien parasites control the mind of Russian sweeties. Then, not long after huge blac... Read more

Never Enough  (2022)

  • Starring:  Agatha VegaJia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  Fear grips Agatha in a second. Her heart races, she starts to feel haunted. As she climbs up the precipice, she looks back for the first time. She sees Jias cold, calm face That was the last memory. A... Read more
  • Starring:  Jia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  Finally, our beautiful scientist Jia is back with us. Well, today, she has a delightful sexual surprise for us After much agonising trying, the sexy doctor has managed to recreate an almost exact repl... Read more

Sapphic Desires  (2019)

Blacked Raw V15  (2019)


Sensual Teens  (2019)  Compilation

No Inhibitions  Compilation

  • Starring:  Jia LissaStella Flex
  • Movie Synopsis:  The top 2 russian models have a photo shoot contest the day after. Just one of them is going to make it, so Jia decided to challenge Stella to a sex fight, as they cannot have bruises. The better in ... Read more

Sensual Teens 3  Compilation

  • Starring:  Jia Lissa
  • Movie Synopsis:  The arcade machine alien attacks are by no means an accident, or in the case of the girls involved, a lucky occurrence. They have all been orchestrated by Jia, who has been enchanted by alien cocks fo... Read more
  • Starring:  Alissa FoxyJia LissaRae Lil Black
  • Movie Synopsis:  Jia Lissa, Rae Lil Black and Alissa Foxy are preparing to do a breakthrough research about an alien species. Alissa volunteered to be the first host for the creature, but she is a bit nervous. Jia and... Read more

Lesbians Vol. 3  (2023)

Angels Vol. 1  (2023)


Iloveit Vol. 5  (2023)