Jimmy Michaels

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  • Starring:  Armani BlackJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  Jimmy is a pervert and everyone knows it. So when he tries to feel up his stepmother Armani, she's not particularly shocked. What is surprising though, is that Armani secretly likes it! It makes her w... Read more

Filthy Moms 10  (2022)

Lil Humpers 15  (2023)

Desperate Times  (2023)

  • Starring:  Bambi BartonJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  Hard times make strong men. Except for Jimmy, he's weak. And not hard - not yet, anyway. But when his skanky stepsister Bambi is getting changed with her door open, Jimmy snaps a few pics of her juicy... Read more
  • Starring:  Charlotte RaynJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  My son's best friend Jimmy was over a few days ago visiting my boy Johnny. Turns out he spied on my sexy wife Charlotte while she was having a shower. I confront him & he tries to say it was an accide... Read more
  • Starring:  Charlotte RaynJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  My hot stepmom has been getting calls from my school about my declining grades. I should care, but I more focused on getting pussy in college like a normal person. Unlike a normal person, my stepmom t... Read more

Filthy Moms 9  (2021)

  • Starring:  Kitten LatenightJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  Being in school is hard, especially when you're 19. Sometimes you just want to take the day off, watch some TV & relax. My stepmom Kitten doesn't really agree with me. She says my grades are too low &... Read more

Double Trouble 2  (2023)


Lil Humpers 13  (2022)

  • Starring:  Wendy RaineJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  Living with his annoying stepmom Wendy, isn't the best experience for Jimmy. On the other hand, she never wears panties & is packing a pair of juicy knockers. Jimmy is just trying to enjoy some video ... Read more
  • Starring:  Anissa KateJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  Being a stepmom isn't easy & Anissa really wants to have a healthy relationship with her new stepson Jimmy. Jimmy has always been a little stand-offish with her so she decides to confront him. When he... Read more

Jimmy Michaels  (2021)

Young Men #3  (2021)

  • Starring:  Callie BrooksJimmy Michaels
  • Movie Synopsis:  Cinco de Mayo has to be one of the funnest holidays out there. Tacos, tequila & music - what's not to love! But some people get a tad TOO excited, if that's even possible. When uber-MILF Callie comes ... Read more

Jimmy Michaels 2  (2023)

  • Starring:  Vivianne DeSilvaJimmy MichaelsPeter Fitzwell
  • Movie Synopsis:  Boomers can't text, yo. Always double-check the destination before you hit send! Peter finds himself in a conundrum when he sends some nude pics of his sexy wife Vivianne to their step-nephew Jimmy...... Read more

Filthy Moms 11  (2022)