Chloe Cooper

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  • Starring:  Chloe CooperPeter Fitzwell
  • Movie Synopsis:  Handling a teenage stepdaughter is definitely a lot of work. Especially when they're running around in a tiny onesie, calling you "Daddy!" all the time and begging to go to concerts. This is... Read more
  • Starring:  Chloe CooperJay Bangher
  • Movie Synopsis:  Getting caught cheating is devastating. When Chloe's husband violates their vows, she is ready to divorce him. They tried working on things, but now she has documents for him to sign. Unless... she ca... Read more
  • Starring:  Chloe CooperCory ChaseMelanie HicksLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Chloe Cooper is back again in Chloe Cooper in Free Use Step Family Vol. 2! Hot babe, Chloe always knows how to work her hot body to help out her step family and get her way!
  • Starring:  Chloe CooperLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Step Dad is Always First- Luke is working on his computer when his stepdaughter Kira walks into his office. She is wearing a skirt with a white blouse and a red blazer since she is going to her first ... Read more
  • Starring:  Chloe CooperMelanie HicksLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Tan Lines- Chloe is wearing a seafoam green bikini, and she's checking herself out in the mirror. Her stepmother, Melanie, walks into the room, and Chloe tells Melanie that she's upset that she doesn... Read more
  • Starring:  Chloe CooperCory ChaseLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  I Showed You Mine- There is a knock at the front door, and Cory rushes over to answer the door for her step-daughter. Cory is wearing a white blouse with black pants as she tells her step-daughter, C... Read more