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Sex Police 2000  (1992)

  • Starring:  Bridgett HarringtonJaguarMaster Snaurg
  • Movie Synopsis:  Thieves have their eyes on a man's riches and will stop at nothing to get it. His innocent daughter arrives home after a long day at work to an unwanted guest who quickly subdues her. She is delivered... Read more
  • Starring:  JaguarJamiDon FernandoYolande
  • Movie Synopsis:  Two 30-min, action-packed sex selections! These couples are both hot and horny and ready for fucking, cock sucking, cunt lapping, doggie style fucking, regular fucking, and side fucking! Each scene en... Read more

Black and Blue  (1996)

Giggle Gals  (1998)


Shoot To Thrill  (1992)

  • Starring:  JaguarTrista Post
  • Movie Synopsis:  Jaguar is 17 inches of black cock. Trista the college girl thinks she's woman enough to take it. She doesn't know quite what she's gotten herself into. Jaguar tries to stick it in her small pussy and ... Read more