Allison Kilgore

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Mind Blowing MILFS 3  (2017)  Compilation

Ass Rimming Mommies 3  (2017)  Compilation

Threesomes 4  (2017)


Soccer Moms Who Suck  (2006)  Compilation

He'll Be Coming On Her Mountains  (2002)  Compilation

Tease Me Please Me  (2005)  Compilation

  • Starring:  Rodney MooreAllison Kilgore
  • Movie Synopsis:  "Too Many Twins" featuring Allison Kilgore and Rodney - In this classic scene from Creme de la Face 44: Alecia Kilgore is getting married but wants to do one final scene before the big event... Read more

Women With Big Breasts  Compilation

Bada Bimbos 5  (2004)

  • Starring:  Rodney MooreAllison Kilgore
  • Movie Synopsis:  "Allison's First Swallow" featuring Allison Kilgore, & Rodney- Rodney finds Allison in the park wearing an "I Swallow" T-shirt. But she doesn't and never has. But leave it to Rodne... Read more
  • Starring:  Rodney MooreAllison KilgoreRedAlecia Kilgore
  • Movie Synopsis:  "Good Girl Gone Bad " featuring Allison & Alecia Kilgore, Red & Rodney Moore- Hot pornstar Allison Kilgore has a problem. Her twin sister Alecia has turned into nympho since Rodney last shot... Read more

I Swallow 1  (1995)


Black Bastard #8, The  (2002)  Compilation

Nasty Nymphos 22  (1998)

Kelly The Coed 3  (1999)


M.I.L.F. Money 5  (2004)

Filthy MILFS 4  (2019)  Compilation

Double Fucked Sluts - 6 Hours  (2017)  Compilation