24 Matches Found

SugarWalls 27  (2000)

Butt Slut Blacks  (2007)  Compilation

Sista 15  (2002)


Supasista's of Vivid  (2005)  Compilation

Buttfaced 8  (2003)

Disturbed  (2001)


Sista 13  (2001)

Sista 12  (2001)

  • Starring:  Afrika
  • Movie Synopsis:  Introducing Afrika: Wrestling Queen, in a mixed match you will never forget! This powerful newcomer has wreaked havoc upon all who have challenged her! The 5'7" 175 pound goddess revels in the pa... Read more
  • Starring:  AfrikaAnnico
  • Movie Synopsis:  There are some great scenes in this flick. The girls all talk to the camera so it's like they're talking to you. They strip for the camera and play with themselves and it's a great show! Lots of diffe... Read more