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Cum Dumpsters #2  (2003)  Compilation

  • Starring:  PaulinaRachelSabrina
  • Tag Line:  Ever Wonder About The Girl Next Door? Well, I Didn't Just Wonder About Her, I Filmed Her! Trust Me, There's Much More Where This Came From!

Diva Dykes vs. the Lipstick Lesbians  (2003)  Compilation

  • Starring:  DarienPaulinaSimone Veronica
  • Movie Synopsis:  It takes a raven-haired megaslut to satisfy the hungriest dicks! Cum and see gorgeous girls dance on the pole and get to their knees to down some nice big hard cock. These hotties are dropping their j... Read more
  • Starring:  Alessandra MarquesPaulinaPriscillaMilena
  • Movie Synopsis:  Everything is more fun when you do it in bigger groups! Why should sex be any different? Share that cock or double team that pussy in the hottest three-way sex scenes!Two pussies are always better tha... Read more

Sex & Romance  (2003)


Hairy Honies 10  (2002)

  • Starring:  GiannaPaulina
  • Tag Line:  The Charms are Coming!

Kinky Lickers 1  (2002)  Compilation

No Bone Zone #11  (2000)  Compilation

Mega Bush #2  (2005)

Beautiful Girls  (2004)  Compilation


My Secret Star  (2003)

Crack Snackers  (2003)  Compilation


Black Bastard #5, The  (2002)  Compilation

Assman #25  (2002)

Fucking With The Stars  (2003)  Compilation

  • Starring:  PaulinaHeadmaster Tom
  • Movie Synopsis:  Why is Paulina lying over Headmaster Tom's knee having her bare bottom soundly spanked? It soon becomes clear when he has her repeating ? "Alcohol is not allowed at Girls Boarding School until I ... Read more
  • Starring:  PaulinaHeadmaster Tom
  • Movie Synopsis:  Headmaster Tom is opening the mail. There are a few bills which he just nods and grunts at them. Then suddenly he is in shock. He calls for Paulina to come down. He waves a phone bill under her nose a... Read more
  • Starring:  Paulina
  • Movie Synopsis:  If you had a sexy redhead with a beautiful hairy pussy, and she was all fancied up in white lingerie, you would be remiss not to share her with your friends! Just brush aside all of her pubes and plow... Read more
  • Starring:  MariannaNataliaPaulina
  • Movie Synopsis:  In 2003, three women got together to perform in what was to be The World's Biggest Gangbang. Marianna, a redhead with long hair and natural body; Natalia, a blonde with short, spiky hair and Paulina w... Read more

Girly Girls #7  (2000)  Compilation

Sliders #25  (2010)

  • Starring:  BarbieLiliyaLolaMurkaPaulinaRoxanna MilanaSweetyVendy
  • Movie Synopsis:  Sineplex presents "Sliders #25", with Roxanna, Liliya, Lola, Vendy, Sweety, Paulina, Barbie and Murka. Ever want to slide from one hole to another? We took the hottest, nastiest girls we cou... Read more

Eat Pussy, It's Good For You  (2002)  Compilation

Morbo No. 22  (2005)

  • Starring:  JosefinaPaulinaSalomeCarlosJose
  • Movie Synopsis:  Have you ever wondered what happens when you take a pretty little Spanish girl and give her some head? A smile, mayhem and pure ! These sexy senoritas will get your boiling' and your c... Read more
  • Starring:  PaulinaRachelSabrina WhiteGeorgeLiborNeeo
  • Movie Synopsis:  Dr. Moretwat, a retired college campus gynecologist, knows all about gorgeous girls and their hungry pussies. This is a small portion of some video of the girl next door from his massive library of ho... Read more

Just All Girl Sex! Volume #2  (2001)  Compilation

Just Pussy Eating Sex!  Compilation

  • Starring:  AngelikaMajaPaulinaStokrotkaJanMarekPakoPiotr
  • Movie Synopsis:  I really like this one, it shows amazing close ups for most of the blowjobs, you can appreciate the great detail from the shots. The girls are, like always, very lady like and adorable. Scenes are hot... Read more
  • Starring:  Celine MandyPaulina
  • Movie Synopsis:  The movie opens with the lovely Mandy; she starts with one guy, but as soon as things start to heat up, another guy comes in and the threesome begins! Next, Paulina and Celine have some girl on girl f... Read more