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North Pole #41  (2003)


Loose Morals 3  (2003)

  • Starring:  ClaudiaTalita CorreaFabioPaulo MachyWellington
  • Movie Synopsis:  18 and Transsexual 4: . Ah the girly men are at it again, these babes are packing and we're not talking Christmas packages. When they drop their drawers they got the same thing you do, prime A1 meat ... Read more
  • Starring:  BrunaAdrielleCarolLucianaCamilloFabioFabio Cesar
  • Movie Synopsis:  18 And Transsexual 6! At the height of your sexual stimulation, you find a Transsexual. Is this a dilemma or the opportunity of a lifetime? You have tits and a cock, you love sucking dick and getting ... Read more
  • Starring:  EricaJulianaFabio
  • Tag Line:  Make Me Feel Like a Woman Big Boy!

American Born  (2002)

Layover  (2004)

  • Starring:  Renata Fabio
  • Tag Line:  Real Life! Real Sex! All The Time!

Pompe Funebri  (2019)

Strap-on Bitches  (2005)

  • Starring:  ElisaMelinaPatriciaSolangeBrunoFabioIgor SummersTiago
  • Movie Synopsis:  There's something incredibly perverse about a woman putting a strap on dildo around her loins. She strokes it just like a guy. She stares at her target. She says raunchy stuff about f**king the guy in... Read more

Grin & Bare It  (2002)  Compilation

  • Starring:  SharonSuzukiTaliaAlberto FabioMarlon
  • Movie Synopsis:  It doesn't matter what gender you are for these horny Latin hotties. They all want to fuck, and what's better than an orgy on the beach?! No hole is sacred when these men's dicks get hard as a rock an... Read more
  • Starring:  AgataJuliaMariolaPatrycjaSandraFabioJarekKrzysiekNorbert
  • Movie Synopsis:  She changes into a sexy little number that her honey brought home for her. She puts it on and they fuck so good and hard. The next couple has a wild and sexy sex scene in the bathroom, in the shower s... Read more

Sodomania  (2004)

  • Starring:  Alex MagniFabio
  • Movie Synopsis:  Alex and Fabio met a bartender in the pub, from America what big fucking whores, these two are really amazing .. 2 big cock lovers who do everything and do it well!