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Booty Talk 7  (1999)

  • Starring:  Rodney MooreRain
  • Movie Synopsis:  "Here Comes Rain" featuring Rain and Rodney - In this classic scene from Creme de la Face 20: Rain is just a silly girl. She laughs through her first adult video, she giggles while Rodney fu... Read more

Ebony Extreme: Chelsea Sinclaire  (2002)  Compilation

Climax Shots #1: I Like It Like Fat  (1999)  Compilation

Fat Latinas 2  (2007)

  • Starring:  KarlaRainCrimson
  • Movie Synopsis:  Nobody goes away hungry, and everyone is satisfied when these fat and horny Latinas put their load on the line and give their considerable all to fulfill all of your big mama desires.

Salome de Luxxx  (1999)

  • Starring:  Will RavageRainMaximMorgan Navarro
  • Movie Synopsis:  They're plump, precious humping bouncing lil' Latin nasties that hop all over your screen as well as the bogus bros dicks. this show features three of the wildest, raunchiest, sultry, sloppy sex starv... Read more
  • Starring:  TaylorRain
  • Movie Synopsis:  If mounds of flesh turn you on, these Rubinesque beauties are as hot as they come! No, they'll never make it as fashion models, but they sure do like to fuck and suck!

Wadd Squad  (2002)  Compilation