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The Cane, The G-Spot & The Orgasm Boxcover
  • Starring:  Allison
  • Movie Synopsis:  There is quite an observation in the world of spanking. A good number of women, mostly in their late thirties and forties, acquire a desire to be spanked. Allison was quite a lady when she arrived at ... Read more
Sophie In The Dungeon Boxcover
  • Starring:  SophieJohn
  • Movie Synopsis:  Sophie's boss at the BDSM club is fed up with her sloppiness, so he ties her face down in the dungeon. John gives her a sound spanking, and then pulls out the vibrator for a nicely controlled orgasm. ... Read more
Loves To Be Spanked Boxcover
  • Starring:  Elena
  • Movie Synopsis:  Anyone who denies that women are turned on by spanking simply needs to watch this clip. This young lady is put through her paces from hand spanking to caning, lying face down on her bed with pillows u... Read more
Full Body Whipping With Nicky Montford Boxcover
  • Starring:  Nicky Montford
  • Movie Synopsis:  Nicky is a brunette bad-ass from Britain who loves to be bound and dominated! She learns today to be careful what you ask for - because there's no doubt about it - she definitely gets more than she ba... Read more
Nicky Montford's Dungeon Fantasy Boxcover
  • Starring:  Nicky Montford
  • Movie Synopsis:  Nicky Montford has always wanted to be bound, gagged and dominated. They say you should be careful what you ask for because you just might receive it - and Belinda may be in for more than she bargaine... Read more
Julia's Lesson Boxcover
  • Starring:  Julia
  • Movie Synopsis:  Julia is a very, very naughty girl. Julia and her husband have a strong, yet intense relationship with one another. And sometimes her husband recognizes the need and necessity to give his lovely wife ... Read more
The Art Of Multiple Female Orgasms Boxcover
  • Movie Synopsis:  Cum Again UK presents "The Art Of Multiple Female Orgasms." Have you ever wondered what steps you needed to go through to give your woman the ultimate pleasure of having multiple orgasms? We... Read more
From Punishment To Orgasm Boxcover
  • Movie Synopsis:  Horny and in need of some release, this frisky brunette masturbates while she daydreams about the spankings she's received in the past. The scene cuts back and forth from clips of her being spanked wh... Read more
Office Pokes Boxcover
  • Starring:  SharonTracey
  • Movie Synopsis:  The bosses have an eye on the delectable and very voluptuous Sharon. With her spankable bottom and superb figure, they have some great ideas planned out for her. When Tracey, the other secretary, is n... Read more
Cottage For Sex Boxcover
  • Movie Synopsis:  One advantage of a cottage is in the country is that it is perfect for those love trysts. This is perfect for these are already flowing and it is straight to the bedroom. He starts with a great pussy ... Read more
While Hubby's Away Boxcover
  • Movie Synopsis:  Mrs. Green hates it when her husband is away. He spends weeks at a time on the oil rigs. However, just down the road lives the handsome Rick. Despite a pang of conscience, she finds an excuse to invit... Read more
Lesbian Neighbors Boxcover
  • Starring:  LucyTammy
  • Movie Synopsis:  Ladies, beware of the lady next door who offers you a free massage! It can lead to the unexpected; in this case it is lucky both ladies are rampant lesbians, and pure pleasure is the result. After a n... Read more
Bob The Builder Boxcover
  • Movie Synopsis:  Mrs. Hawthorne is so bored. When her husband organizes some building work, then goes off on a business trip, temptation rears its ugly head. A cup of tea soon breaks the ice, and events escalate. Befo... Read more
Hermione In The Dungeon Boxcover
  • Starring:  ArishHermione
  • Movie Synopsis:  Part 1: Hermione's Torment After years without an orgasm, Hermione goes to visit "doctor" Arish. He has a very unusual way to cure ladies of this problem. It entails a visit to his dungeon.... Read more