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Wadd Squad  (2002)  Compilation

  • Starring:  StarDwayne Powers
  • Movie Synopsis:  I got Star to come back to the crib and do a video for me. Little did she know, I was about to bang that black juicy ass. I did a foot interview with her first, just to ease her mind. She sticks her h... Read more

She Got Ass 9  (2005)

  • Starring:  RoxyStarDorianPoison
  • Movie Synopsis:  Roly-poly, fiery Latin girls have all the fun! These round sonoritas are spicy and hot and ready for action! Muy caliente, baby!

Sex Kittens #5  (2002)

  • Starring:  Cali, DenaLola LaneStarKyra
  • Movie Synopsis:  This is one fine mamma anyone would love to fuck! She's black and she's hairy but she sure isn't scary and she offers up her big, furry twat to any motherfucker who loves a big black bush!

Sex Kittens #20  (2005)

Muffmania #3  (1997)

Honey Drippers  (2002)


SugarWalls 36  (2001)

  • Starring:  SimoneFrankie LaRueOasis StarStarNina Simone
  • Movie Synopsis:  Back to the basics, of what gets your dick hard. Put 7 sistas' in the mix, and you'll get your kicks, because it's all about the wet! 36 is real tight, so check this one out and let me know what you t... Read more

Sugar 1  (1999)

Ghetto Booty 5  (2002)

Virgin Pink 8  (2000)