About Us
In 2002, SugarInstant (then SugarDVD) began as a small DVD-by-mail rental company. We worked to add toys and DVD sales, download-to-own, pay-per-minute, and affiliate programs to create a complete adult shopping experience. When we succeeded, people took notice.
About SugarInstant.com
The SugarDVD brand was also tied to stars like Tori Spelling, Howard Stern, Kim Kardashian, Adam Corolla, Lauren Conrad, Lindsey Lohan, 50 Cent, Flava Flav, and Vince Troyer.
In the decade following, we closely monitored mainstream content trends and expanded vigorously to become the leader in unlimited adult HD streaming. Our passion to innovate leads us to relentlessly hunt down new opportunities while shaping the future of adult entertainment. In paving the way, our team of developers has created streaming apps on Roku, iPad, Xbox One, PS4, Android, and more, and can be found toying with Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and other new technologies to keep our streak going strong.
At SugarInstant, we're obsessed with the intersection where adult content and technology cross. Sign up today to experience all of our advancements. You deserve it. And check out our news page to view press and reviews.
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