SugarDVD Rebrands To SugarInstant
SugarDVD is changing its name to SugarInstant! SugarInstant will continue to offer DVD rentals, DVD sales, toys, pay-per-view, and unlimited streaming. The change reflects Sugar's increased focus on its unlimited streaming services. Current customers and affiliates are still able to login with their SugarDVD credentials.
AVN Nominates SugarDVD For Best Web Retail Store
AVN has nominated SugarDVD for Best Web Retail Store of 2015. SugarDVD has continued to work hard for over a decade to improve its services and AVN has taken notice! The Awards Show will take place on January 23, 2016 at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. It will be taped and broadcast on the Showtime Network.
What Do Your Viewing Habits Say About Your Politics? writes, "SugarDVD, the Netflix of unlimited movie streaming for adult content, has gathered some serious data about what your political agenda says about your porn habits. For example, right-wing porn viewers love Big Boobs, All Girl and Fetish porn, while left-wingers prefer watching Amateur, Redheads and Big Butts." Read full article here.
SugarDVD And Augmented Reality
SugarDVD believes HoloLens may offer a better way to provide interactive adult content than Oculus. VentureBeat writes, "We can all agree that virtual reality and augmented reality are really just new ways for us to enjoy adult films." Read full article here.
Gamers Shaping The Future Of SugarDVD
Kotaku explores how SugarDVD is learning from gamers. Kotaku writes, "SugarDVD, the 'Netflix of Porn', has been slowly expanding its empire through set-top-box, mobile and console streaming to almost every country on the planet" "SugarDVD's data mining algorithms will be patiently hoovering up gamers' clicks and button presses, breaking them down and building them up into a bawdy blueprint for the future." Read full article here.
Android Vs. Apple Viewing Habits
SugarDVD published new stats on mobile streaming habits this month. Escapist writes, "Apple users watch porn well into the night - usually from 11pm to 3am - compared to Android's reasonable evening hours. While there's no stated winner in overall hours, Android fanboys do "last longer" than iOS brethren by a whole 4.2 minutes." Read full article here.
PS4 Users Like It Rough
BDSM streaming on SugarDVD is getting a boost thanks to Valentine's Day and the mainstream popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. Escapist writes, "Ah, Valentine's Day! That time of year where you get together with a special someone and watch BDSM porn on your favorite console. Okay, maybe that's not the first thought that comes to mind - but according to porn streaming giant SugarDVD, it's a statistically significant one." Read the full article here.
Playstation Universe Reveals PS4 Streaming Habits On SugarDVD
Playstation Universe writes, "SugarDVD has uncovered some interesting statistics regarding the differences between the porn-viewing habits of PS4 and Xbox One owners. PS4 owners are more likely to watch porn on their console with a partner, with 23 percent admitting they prefer to share the experience. PS4 owners are five times more likely to search for 'Asian' movies than Xbox One owners, while Xbox One owners are much more prone to watching 'Redhead' and 'Teen' movies." Read the full article here.
Vice Examines Potential Of SugarDVD VR App
VICE's new doc on "The Digital Love Industry" examines how love and sex is changing in the digital age. Vice writes, "We make a pilgrimage to Los Angeles' erotica mecca, "Porn Valley", to witness first-hand how virtual reality is scarily close to creating fully interactive porn. Along the way we pick apart the digital world's grip on today's relationships, as apps and the rise of social media revolutionise dating". See the video here.
Will SugarDVD's Oculus App Change The Future Of Relationships?
Business Insider discusses how SugarDVD's Oculus app, and other new technologies, may drastically change relationships in the future. "When virtual reality becomes so good that our brains and bodies actually believe we're experiencing something in real life - particularly porn - will that change the definition of infidelity?" Read the full article here.
Sex In The Matrix
"Virtual reality porn is coming soon, whether we're ready or not", writes SF Bay Guardian. "In the future, humankind will get down and dirty with pixelated playmates. And that future is nearer than one might think. Southern California is a porn hub, so it's little surprise that LA-based SugarDVD has long leapt into digital frontiers." Read the full article here.
The Future Of Sex Tech
"Would you 3-D scan your genitals? Or have sex with a robot? How about tracking your intercourse with an intimate wearable? You might want to start thinking about these things because high-tech is set to transform our sex lives, from [SugarDVD's] virtual-reality porn to Bluetooth-controlled toys.", writes Read the full article here.
SugarDVD's Virtual Reality App
Yahoo reports on SugarDVD's efforts to put customers into adult movies with an app for the Oculus headset. Excitement around the headset market has been building lately. What does the future of adult entertainment look like? It all depends on your imagination.
Interactive Sex For The Oculus Rift
VentureBeat writes, "While hundreds of developers are working on games for Oculus Rift, SugarDVD says it wants to put viewers into their favorite adult movies. It's working with motion-capture studios in Los Angeles to generate original, VR-optimized content that will take full advantage of the Rift's technology." Read the full article here.
A Look At SugarDVD On Next-Gen Consoles
"Xbox One and Playstation 4 users have a lot more to get excited about than leaderboards and leveling up", says This month the site reports on SugarDVD's growing gamer demographic, and some of the new interactive features it's developing. Gizorama writes, "SugarDVD has it's finger on the pulse of interactive [porn]." Read the full article here.
Crave Online Examines Popularity Of Redheads On SugarDVD's Xbox App
This month people will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day by drinking, eating, and of course streaming Redhead porn from SugarDVD. Crave Online writes, "[SugarDVD] subscribers on all platforms search for "redhead" 4.3 times as often on St. Patrick's Day than any other day out of the year. Xbox One users search for "redhead" 2.3 times as often as PS4 users." Read the full story here.
VentureBeat Discusses Valentine Viewing On SugarDVD
Couples are adding excitement to their living rooms this Valentine's by streaming movies from SugarDVD! VentureBeat writes, "SugarDVD - the Netflix of adult films - revealed to GamesBeat that porn viewing increases across all devices on the romantic holiday for couples. In fact, the average minutes watched per user increases 43 percent". Read the full article here. "Watch the Netflix of porn on game consoles."
Users are using more devices to stream porn from SugarDVD than ever before. writes, "It's 2014 and considering the prevalence of mobile devices and game consoles, an increasing number of people are watching their porn on a device that isn't a normal PC or television." Read the full article here.
Gizmodo: "Did you know that there's also a Netflix of porn?"
The tech world was buzzing this month at the news released by SugarDVD that its PS4 signups outnumber Xbox One signups 3:1! Gizmodo asked, "Are Xbox users turned off by the Kinect's notoriously watchful eye?" "Did you know that there's also a Netflix of porn? Probably! Assuming you're the proud owner of a Playstation 4, that is." Read the full article here.
VentureBeat Reports On SugarDVD's PS4 and Xbox One Apps
In a new article, debates why SugarDVD is signing up 3 times as many PS4 users as Xbox One users. VentureBeat writes, "the slant of the PS4 just gets people going... so sexy. [But] you would think that navigating hands free with the Kinect mic would make for the most seamless porn-viewing experience". Read the full article here.
BuzzFeed Discusses PS4 vs. Xbox One Streaming On SugarDVD
BuzzFeed writes, "The latest console war may have just begun, but the PS4 is winning at streaming hardcore porn." While Xbox seems to technically be a better device for streaming, SugarDVD receives three times as many unlimited porn streaming sign-ups from Playstation 4 users. BuzzFeed says, "While there is a discrepancy in total number of consoles sold - 3.4 million PS4s and 2.4 million Xbox Ones according to - it's not significant enough to explain the 3-1 disparity in porno loving." Read the full article here

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Hollywood Actress Tori Spelling a fan of - July 2006
In what may amount to the biggest mainstream celebrity to ever publicly announce an allegiance to a particular online adult service, Tori Spelling professed her fondness for renting porn DVDs in the mail from Internet rental powerhouse SugarDVD in a just-published article in Giant magazine.

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