SugarDVD Rebrands To SugarInstant
SugarDVD is changing its name to SugarInstant! SugarInstant will continue to offer DVD rentals, DVD sales, toys, pay-per-view, and unlimited streaming. The change reflects Sugar's increased focus on its unlimited streaming services. Current customers and affiliates are still able to login with their SugarDVD credentials.
AVN Nominates SugarDVD For Best Web Retail Store
AVN has nominated SugarDVD for Best Web Retail Store of 2015. SugarDVD has continued to work hard for over a decade to improve its services and AVN has taken notice! The Awards Show will take place on January 23, 2016 at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. It will be taped and broadcast on the Showtime Network.
What Do Your Viewing Habits Say About Your Politics? writes, "SugarDVD, the Netflix of unlimited movie streaming for adult content, has gathered some serious data about what your political agenda says about your porn habits. For example, right-wing porn viewers love Big Boobs, All Girl and Fetish porn, while left-wingers prefer watching Amateur, Redheads and Big Butts." Read full article here.
SugarDVD And Augmented Reality
SugarDVD believes HoloLens may offer a better way to provide interactive adult content than Oculus. VentureBeat writes, "We can all agree that virtual reality and augmented reality are really just new ways for us to enjoy adult films." Read full article here.
Gamers Shaping The Future Of SugarDVD
Kotaku explores how SugarDVD is learning from gamers. Kotaku writes, "SugarDVD, the 'Netflix of Porn', has been slowly expanding its empire through set-top-box, mobile and console streaming to almost every country on the planet" "SugarDVD's data mining algorithms will be patiently hoovering up gamers' clicks and button presses, breaking them down and building them up into a bawdy blueprint for the future." Read full article here.
Android Vs. Apple Viewing Habits
SugarDVD published new stats on mobile streaming habits this month. Escapist writes, "Apple users watch porn well into the night - usually from 11pm to 3am - compared to Android's reasonable evening hours. While there's no stated winner in overall hours, Android fanboys do "last longer" than iOS brethren by a whole 4.2 minutes." Read full article here.
PS4 Users Like It Rough
BDSM streaming on SugarDVD is getting a boost thanks to Valentine's Day and the mainstream popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. Escapist writes, "Ah, Valentine's Day! That time of year where you get together with a special someone and watch BDSM porn on your favorite console. Okay, maybe that's not the first thought that comes to mind - but according to porn streaming giant SugarDVD, it's a statistically significant one." Read the full article here.
Playstation Universe Reveals PS4 Streaming Habits On SugarDVD
Playstation Universe writes, "SugarDVD has uncovered some interesting statistics regarding the differences between the porn-viewing habits of PS4 and Xbox One owners. PS4 owners are more likely to watch porn on their console with a partner, with 23 percent admitting they prefer to share the experience. PS4 owners are five times more likely to search for 'Asian' movies than Xbox One owners, while Xbox One owners are much more prone to watching 'Redhead' and 'Teen' movies." Read the full article here.
Vice Examines Potential Of SugarDVD VR App
VICE's new doc on "The Digital Love Industry" examines how love and sex is changing in the digital age. Vice writes, "We make a pilgrimage to Los Angeles' erotica mecca, "Porn Valley", to witness first-hand how virtual reality is scarily close to creating fully interactive porn. Along the way we pick apart the digital world's grip on today's relationships, as apps and the rise of social media revolutionise dating". See the video here.
Will SugarDVD's Oculus App Change The Future Of Relationships?
Business Insider discusses how SugarDVD's Oculus app, and other new technologies, may drastically change relationships in the future. "When virtual reality becomes so good that our brains and bodies actually believe we're experiencing something in real life - particularly porn - will that change the definition of infidelity?" Read the full article here.
Sex In The Matrix
"Virtual reality porn is coming soon, whether we're ready or not", writes SF Bay Guardian. "In the future, humankind will get down and dirty with pixelated playmates. And that future is nearer than one might think. Southern California is a porn hub, so it's little surprise that LA-based SugarDVD has long leapt into digital frontiers." Read the full article here.
The Future Of Sex Tech
"Would you 3-D scan your genitals? Or have sex with a robot? How about tracking your intercourse with an intimate wearable? You might want to start thinking about these things because high-tech is set to transform our sex lives, from [SugarDVD's] virtual-reality porn to Bluetooth-controlled toys.", writes Read the full article here.
SugarDVD's Virtual Reality App
Yahoo reports on SugarDVD's efforts to put customers into adult movies with an app for the Oculus headset. Excitement around the headset market has been building lately. What does the future of adult entertainment look like? It all depends on your imagination.
Interactive Sex For The Oculus Rift
VentureBeat writes, "While hundreds of developers are working on games for Oculus Rift, SugarDVD says it wants to put viewers into their favorite adult movies. It's working with motion-capture studios in Los Angeles to generate original, VR-optimized content that will take full advantage of the Rift's technology." Read the full article here.
A Look At SugarDVD On Next-Gen Consoles
"Xbox One and Playstation 4 users have a lot more to get excited about than leaderboards and leveling up", says This month the site reports on SugarDVD's growing gamer demographic, and some of the new interactive features it's developing. Gizorama writes, "SugarDVD has it's finger on the pulse of interactive [porn]." Read the full article here.
Crave Online Examines Popularity Of Redheads On SugarDVD's Xbox App
This month people will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day by drinking, eating, and of course streaming Redhead porn from SugarDVD. Crave Online writes, "[SugarDVD] subscribers on all platforms search for "redhead" 4.3 times as often on St. Patrick's Day than any other day out of the year. Xbox One users search for "redhead" 2.3 times as often as PS4 users." Read the full story here.
VentureBeat Discusses Valentine Viewing On SugarDVD
Couples are adding excitement to their living rooms this Valentine's by streaming movies from SugarDVD! VentureBeat writes, "SugarDVD - the Netflix of adult films - revealed to GamesBeat that porn viewing increases across all devices on the romantic holiday for couples. In fact, the average minutes watched per user increases 43 percent". Read the full article here. "Watch the Netflix of porn on game consoles."
Users are using more devices to stream porn from SugarDVD than ever before. writes, "It's 2014 and considering the prevalence of mobile devices and game consoles, an increasing number of people are watching their porn on a device that isn't a normal PC or television." Read the full article here.
Gizmodo: "Did you know that there's also a Netflix of porn?"
The tech world was buzzing this month at the news released by SugarDVD that its PS4 signups outnumber Xbox One signups 3:1! Gizmodo asked, "Are Xbox users turned off by the Kinect's notoriously watchful eye?" "Did you know that there's also a Netflix of porn? Probably! Assuming you're the proud owner of a Playstation 4, that is." Read the full article here.
VentureBeat Reports On SugarDVD's PS4 and Xbox One Apps
In a new article, debates why SugarDVD is signing up 3 times as many PS4 users as Xbox One users. VentureBeat writes, "the slant of the PS4 just gets people going... so sexy. [But] you would think that navigating hands free with the Kinect mic would make for the most seamless porn-viewing experience". Read the full article here.
BuzzFeed Discusses PS4 vs. Xbox One Streaming On SugarDVD
BuzzFeed writes, "The latest console war may have just begun, but the PS4 is winning at streaming hardcore porn." While Xbox seems to technically be a better device for streaming, SugarDVD receives three times as many unlimited porn streaming sign-ups from Playstation 4 users. BuzzFeed says, "While there is a discrepancy in total number of consoles sold - 3.4 million PS4s and 2.4 million Xbox Ones according to - it's not significant enough to explain the 3-1 disparity in porno loving." Read the full article here

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Xbox One Owners Find Way To Watch Porn On The Console (hint: SugarDVD) - November 2013
SugarDVD has just released the first XBox One adult streaming app. The app allows XBox One users to stream unlimited adult movies for $7.95 a month. Fox News and others have jumped on the story this week suggesting the app will help sell more consoles. Fox compares it to Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD sales saying, "In 2007, when the adult industry opted to support the Blu-ray format of disc as its medium for movie distribution it left rival format HD-DVD dead and buried."
SugarDVD XBox One App "A Big Deal" - November 2013
The Guardian Express praises SugarDVD's new Xbox One app this month. It writes, "SugarDVD is to be commended for being legitimate ... Their app was available almost immediately and they of course have a name that hints at the intent of the app but does not use distasteful terminology." The article also discusses the other devices that SugarDVD offers unlimited streaming on like the PS4 and claims, "Most gamers are likely still busy with their new PS4 and Xbox One games but eventually they'll probably try to see what these consoles are capable of, when that happens SugarDVD will slowly rise in popularity and of course profits." The Guardian Express is a Las Vegas newspaper with a scope that includes national and world news.
SugarDVD Nominated For Online Adult Retailer Of The Year - November 2013
XBiz has nominated SugarDVD for Online Retailer of the Year again! Our affiliate program SugarCash was also nominated for Affiliate Program of the Year. We are proud to have our hard work recognized. The industry comes together each year at the XBiz Awards to celebrate and honor companies that have made a difference. Adult film superstar Jenna Jameson will be master of ceremonies for the gala at the historic Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on January 24th. For more information visit
New Unlimited Streaming Features - October 2013
Two great new features have been added to the unlimited streaming apps! Users can now jump directly to a movie scene by clicking on a screenshot. Screenshots are displayed under the video player on the movie details page. New Breadcrumb navigation links to previously visited categories and searches have also been added.
SteamOS SugarDVD App On The Way - September 2013
A Linux-based SteamOS is on the way, and so is a compatible version of SugarDVD's unlimited streaming app. The new SteamOS was created by Valve for living room gamers, one of SugarDVD's key demographics. Valve says, "SteamOS machines will offer a number of new features that have a focus on living room-based gaming." Escapist wrote about SugarDVD's plans saying, "SugarDVD's cross-platform ubiquity would suggest that the company has found itself a reliably lucrative niche. And for all the dismissive pointing and laughing people do, we all know that an awful lot of them are going to download it - just out of casual curiosity, of course." Check out the full story here.
iPhone HD Movie Streaming - August 2013
SugarDVD's unlimited streaming service now supports the iPhone. The app requires no downloading, or discs. Stream HD movies using your iPhone anywhere, anytime. To get started visit the iPhone activation page.
SugarDVD's Android App Available On New Devices - July 2013
Our unlimited streaming service continues to expand to new devices. This month Digital Trends discusses using Sugar's Android app on Ouya, a new open source Android gaming console. helps 10 million monthly unique visitors research new technology. The story can be found here.
Unlimited Streaming On PC And Mac - June 2013
All SugarDVD service plans now include unlimited adult movie streaming on PC and Mac. The new app requires no downloading, or discs. Watch over a thousand new release HD movies instantly on your computer. To get started visit the PC/Mac activation page.
Destructoid Says SugarDVD May Become Important Competitive Aid To Microsoft - May 2013
The news has been spreading quickly about SugarDVD's new Xbox One app. Destructoid covers the story this month writing, "The [SugarDVD] service is already offered on PlayStation 3, allowing God of War fans unlimited access to the Big Bodacious Knockers saga for a mere $7.95 per month. They often say the companies supported by porn are the companies that win entertainment wars, so this may be an important competitive aid to Microsoft." Read the full article here.
International Business Times - "SugarDVD, a time-killing option for your breaks in between gaming sessions" - May 2013
In its coverage of SugarDVD's Xbox One app, the International Business Times writes, "We've all been there. After an eight-hour gaming marathon, we get that need to get up and stretch, maybe take a walk, have a cigarette, check sports scores, whatever it may be. Well SugarDVD, a hardcore porn distributor, has an alternative time-killing option for your breaks in between gaming sessions." International Business Times is an online business newspaper published in 10 languages. Launched in 2005 it reaches over 10,000,000 monthly unique readers globally.
Escapist Discusses SugarDVD's Unlimited Streaming On Gaming Consoles - May 2013
"Sex sells, and sometimes you just have to mash your button a little bit. It's normal!", writes Escapist. This week popular gaming site, reported on SugarDVD's plans to be available on the new Xbox. The Escapist discussed the variety of platforms Sugar now supports and other details about the service. The Escapist is responsible for the web's most viewed video game review series, Zero Punctuation, in addition to introducing the first-of-its-kind Internet Film Festival for Gamers and the March Mayhem game developer competition. Reports On Upcoming SugarDVD Streaming App - April 2013
A new streaming box, called OUYA, is due out on June 4, 2013. It will allow users to stream movies using the Android operating system. SugarDVD's unlimited streaming service currently supports Android and has plans to support the OUYA box. discusses how the new Sugar app will work and why it is an important addition to OUYA. has been an online technology resource and community for technology enthusiasts and professionals since 1996. It provides the latest news and reviews of hardware and software.
Unlimited Streaming App For Wii U Now Available - March 2013
SugarDVD has officially released the first Wii U unlimited porn streaming app. All SugarDVD service plans now include unlimited adult movie streaming on Wii U. The new app requires no downloading, or discs. To get started visit the Wii U activation page.
New Search Options Added To Roku, iPad, And Xbox Apps - February 2013
We have added new search options to all the unlimited streaming apps! Now you can quickly locate movies by performer name, or movie title. To start searching, log in to your unlimited streaming app and click on the Search Titles, or Search Performers folders. If you do not know the entire name, type in the first few letters to view a list of suggestions.
Digital Trends Reports On SugarDVD's Upcoming App - January 2013
It seems like we can not even get an app out before the whole world is talking about it. Due out soon, the SugarDVD Wii U app has been a hot gaming news topic lately. Digital Trends reports on some of the app details saying, "The key difference here is that instead of pulling up SugarDVD's website on your laptop, the company's applications allow you to pull down all your smut directly through your favorite console." The story can be found here.
Nintendo Nerds Interview - December 2012
We sat down with this week to discuss our unlimited streaming service, and upcoming plans for 2013! The interview covers the Wii U, how our apps work, and why they are well worth $7.95 per month. Nintendo Nerds features news, reviews, forums, and walkthroughs for gaming consoles. Read the full interview here.
Complex Magazine Recommends SugarDVD App - December 2012
Complex talks about our unlimited streaming apps, and upcoming plans for 2013 in a new article on their website. The magazine reached out to us for more information about our upcoming plans for new platforms and features. Complex writes, "What more do you need to have a good holiday?". Check it out here.
Roku Parental Controls - December 2012
You can now control access to the SugarDVD Roku channel when you're not around with a 5-digit password. To set-up a password, click on the Password folder inside of the SugarDVD Roku channel. Enter a 5-digit number and select "Save new password". Exiting to the Roku home screen will then automatically password protect the SugarDVD channel.
SugarDVD Nominated For Best Online Adult Retailer Of The Year - November 2012
XBiz has nominated us for Online Retailer of the Year again! The site made some huge improvements in 2012 and we are proud to have our hard work noticed. The industry comes together each year at the XBiz Awards to celebrate and honor companies that have improved or made a difference. The 11th Annual award show will be held in Los Angeles, California on January 11, 2013. For more information visit here. Article On SugarDVD XBox App - November 2012
The gaming crowd is buzzing about our new adult XBox app. This week a story discussing the new app was posted on Two hours after being posted it reached a 300 degree rating, quickly making it a top story on on the site! The article cheers the convenience of SugarDVD's new XBox porn app saying, "Now gamers won't even have to reach for their laptop." The full story can be found here.
Xbox Unlimited Streaming App - November 2012
All SugarDVD service plans now include unlimited adult movie streaming on XBox. The new app requires no downloading, or discs. Watch over a thousand new release HD movies instantly on your TV. To get started visit the Xbox activation page.
Top 50 Folder - October 2012
Now when you rate unlimited streaming movies, your input will be used to generate a "real time" Top 50 folder. The new folder displays the current Top 50 movies rated by users. A 2012 folder has also been added to showcase movies that have been released this year.
Daily Finance Discusses SugarDVD's Streaming Service - September 2012 has posted a new article on SugarDVD's streaming service! It discusses how people are using Roku, and other streaming devices to save money. The article says, "SugarDVD seems to be the most sophisticated adult Roku app on the market. To top it off, SugarDVD's monthly subscription price of $8 is less than the cost of one adult pay-per-view movie from most cable providers." Read the full story here.
Unlimited Streaming Now Available For Android - September 2012
All service plans now include unlimited Android streaming. Use your Kindle Fire, Galaxy S or other Android device to watch hundreds of new release movies anywhere you go. Click here to learn more.
Favorites Folder Added To Unlimited Streaming Apps - August 2012
We've added a Favorites folder to the Roku, Playstation 3, and iPad Unlimited Streaming apps. You can now store all your favorite movies in one folder for easy access. To add movies to the folder, go to the movie details page in the app and click on "Add to Favorites". Then, go to the Favorites folder to view the movies you've selected.
Machinima E3 Interview - June 2012
SugarDVD hosted a jam packed E3 event on June 6th and 7th to showcase its unlimited streaming apps to hundreds of interested gamers. Misti Dawn, Lexi Belle, and Allie Haze were on hand to sign autographs, give out cupcakes, and mingle with the crowd. Watch Machinima's event interview here. E3 is the largest trade show for video game developers with over 40,000 people attending each year. This year's E3 was held on June 5-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Unlimited iPad Streaming - May 2012
The streaming only plan, and all DVD rental plans, now include unlimited iPad streaming for no additional cost. The SugarDVD iPad app allows users to access hundreds of full-length movies on their iPad anywhere they go! It includes high resolution movie files specifically for viewing on the new, third-generation Retina display.
Escapist Magazine Gives SugarDVD PS3 App A Glowing Review - April 2012
The gaming community is spreading the word that they love our PS3 app. The Escapist Magazine recently offered up its opinion of the service saying, "SugarDVD offers a high-quality streaming video service similar to Netflix, except that its films aren't the sort of thing you're going to catch on AMC. Instead, subscribers are given access to hundreds of high-resolution, full length 'adult' videos, not the cheap grainy web content available elsewhere for free". The Escapist is responsible for the web's most viewed video game review series, Zero Punctuation, in addition to introducing the first-of-its-kind Internet Film Festival for Gamers and the March Mayhem game developer competition.
UK Magazine Stirs Up SugarDVD's Sex Tape Past - March 2012
This month popular UK magazine The Week pulled SugarDVD into their discussion of legendary sex tape stories. After several years the Mini Me tape scandal continues to go down in history as one of the most interesting of all time. The article starts with X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos tape scandal and then recounts the top 5 tapes of the past decade. For a blast from the past click here.
TV Delivery Network Upgrades - February 2012
We've just expanded the Content Delivery Network for our TV streaming services. With this upgrade we now offer server points in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Toronto. We've also optimized the bandwidth on our expanded network by incorporating intelligent route-control technology to make it run up to four times faster. With these changes you should experience less buffering time and be able to fast forward through movies quicker using your PS3 or Roku.
IGN Gives Positive Review Of SugarDVD PS3 App - January 2012, the Internet's largest gaming news site, posted a positive video review of SugarDVD's PS3 app this month! The review aired on the Playstation Conversation with Greg Miller. Miller says, "It's just like Netflix, but you can get all the porn you want." The video received over 100k views on YouTube during the first two weeks it was posted. You can watch the review here.
Cosplay Giveaway Begins - January 2012
For the next two months we're dressing up Misti Dawn and Aria Aspen in video game character costumes!! Vote for the costume that you want to see them in next here. Behind the scenes videos and photo sets will be posted of the winning costumes on the Giveaway site. In addition, we're also giving away a Playstation 3D Display on March 30th! Never play split-screen two player mode again. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received. Enter here for your chance to win. - "Satisfy your adult video needs with this PS3 app" - December 2011
The positive press on our PS3 TV service continues to roll in., a top social gaming site, talks about our new app with their users saying, "If there's one thing missing on the PlayStation 3, it's an adult video app. Or, that's at least what SugarDVD believes. The company's new unlimited TV streaming service plugs that lack-of-adult-video-content hole on the PlayStation 3. SugarDVD fill[s] the gap in PS3 adult entertainment via its streaming service, which is also available on Roku, Boxee, and Google TV." Covers Sugar's PS3 App - December 2011
This month goes over some of the benefits of Sugar's new Playstation 3 app. They write, "The SugarDVD service is built specifically to be used in conjunction with the PS3, though, so you won't run into any errors, Flash glitches or other annoyances when you're trying to get your groove on. Plus, they have all their content organized into nice categories like 'Big Boobs' and 'Asian.' You know, all the important ones." Full story here.
PlayStation Universe Discusses New SugarDVD PS3 App - December 2011
This month PSU, the web's largest independent PlayStation site, reports on SugarDVD's new PS3 app! PSU writes, 'The company's new unlimited TV streaming service plugs that lack-of-adult-video-content hole on the PlayStation 3. Think of it as the natural progression of Netflix or GameFly, but instead of movies or games on demand and in the mailbox, you can stream and rent adult videos for $9.95 a month.' Read the full story here.
XBiz Nominates SugarDVD For Retail Site Of The Year - November 2011
2011 was a big year for SugarDVD and XBiz has taken notice by nominating us for Retail Site of the Year! The industry comes together each year at the XBiz Awards to celebrate and honor companies that have improved or made a difference. The 10th Annual award show will be held in Los Angeles, California on January 10, 2012. For more information visit here.
Unlimited TV Streaming Now On PlayStation 3 And Google TV - November 2011
SugarDVD has just opened up its unlimited TV streaming service to all PlayStation 3 and Google TV users. Now anyone with a Roku, Boxee, PlayStation 3, or a Google TV device can instantly stream hundreds of movies to their TV using SugarDVD's service.

To use the new apps users log into their SugarDVD rental account with a PS3 or Google TV device and go to the TV streaming page. From there they can scroll through a list of hundreds of full length adult movies. The apps require no downloading, or discs providing instant access to an expanding library of titles. Customers can also use the web browser on Google TV and the PS3 to buy movies and update their account information on the site. Visit the TV streaming page for more information.
Unlimited TV Streaming Service Expands, Boxee Giveaway Begins - September 2011
This month AVN discusses SugarDVD's new Boxee TV streaming service. More than 100 movies were added in August for TV streaming from several new studios, including Lethal Hardcore and Candy Shop. New movies continue to be added every day. During October, Boxees will be given away on the site and to new Twitter followers. The giveaways will run until Halloween. Start following SugarDVD on Twitter or enter here for a chance to win.
Stream To TV Service Now Available On Boxee - August 2011
Now you can watch adult movies from SugarDVD using Boxee! Boxee, like Roku, allows you to stream movies from the Internet to your TV. All DVD rental plans now include unlimited streaming of adult movies using the new SugarDVD Boxee app at no additional cost. The new app allows users to discreetly enjoy hundreds of top rated, full-length adult movies on their TV. It just takes a few steps to set-up. To get started visit the Boxee activation page.
Site Improvements - August 2011
As our inventory and services grow, we continue to look for ways to make navigating the site easier. This month you might notice some of the new changes that have been made. The account links and search drop-downs are now at the top for quicker access. This move has opened up the site, allowing us to display more movies and information on every page. Some of the menus have been simplified to make them easier to use. The box covers on the movie details pages have been enlarged. We are already working on additional improvements and hope these new updates help you discover great movies on SugarDVD faster!
Roku Summer Giveaways - July 2011
SugarDVD is giving away one FREE Roku every week for the next two months! Enter for a chance to win one of eight Roku boxes from July 25 - September 25, 2011. Winners will be selected at random each Friday during the giveaway period. Start enjoying hundreds of adult movies from SugarDVD on your TV, it's instant and discreet! No purchase neccessary. Limit one entry per household.
New 360 Degree Toy Image Views Added - July 2011
360 degree image views and comparative size images are now available on over one hundred different sex toys. Make better toy buying decisions by using these new tools to do your research before ordering. Rotate toys around completely and see every angle before buying! As always, no hassle returns and free shipping on all US toy orders over $50.
SugarDVD's Roku Streaming Service Goes Live - May 2011
If you've never heard of Roku, it is a small box that allows you to stream movies from the Internet to your TV. All DVD rental plans now include unlimited streaming of adult movies on the new SugarDVD Roku channel at no additional cost. The new channel offers several different movie categories including amateur, feature, and all girl. Each movie is offered in two bit rates, one for slow Internet connections, and an HD version for high speed users. It just takes a few steps to set-up and instantly start streaming movies. To get started visit the Roku activation page.
DVD Multi-Packs Now Available - March 2011
We've added a new multi-pack DVD section on the Buy DVDs page! It offers great deals on hundreds of multi disc DVD packs. Packs are now available from many of our best studios like Adam & Eve, Metro, Hustler, Elegant Angel, and more. The multi-packs are a good way to get hours and hours of footage on DVD at a BIG discount.
XBiz Nominates SugarDVD For Best Retail Site Of The Year - December 2010
The industry continues to take notice of the improvements SugarDVD has been making. XBiz has nominated as their Best Retail Site Of 2010! SugarDVD made several updates during the year including a complete site makeover, and the addition of a custom Silverlight video on demand player. The XBiz Awards are scheduled for February 9, 2011, at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.
AVN Nominates SugarDVD For Best Retail Website - November 2010
AVN has nominated SugarDVD for Best Retail Website of 2010. SugarDVD made several improvements to its site this year and AVN has taken notice! The Awards Show will take place on January 8, 2011 at the Pearl Theatre, inside the Palms Hotel. It will be taped for broadcast in spring 2011 on the Showtime Network.
SugarDVD Wins European eroFame Award For Best Online Company - November 2010
SugarDVD has been selected by European Adult News as 2010's Best Online Company! The awards were held on October 21st in conjunction with the European Adult News b2b trade convention at the Metropolis Halle in Berlin Germany. After the awards ceremony the winners partied the night away at the Caligari Halle in the world famous Filmpark.
SugarDVD Revamps Website - October 2010
The SugarDVD site has just been updated and improved! The new makeover includes an updated look, simplified menus, new landing pages, and a new movie details page. The site has also been awarded TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that its privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of personal customer information. We hope you enjoy the changes!
Silverlight Player Now Available - September 2010
A new custom Silverlight video on demand player is now available! The new player is Mac compatible and allows visitors to stream over 45,000 movies. A Windows Media player option is also still available on the site. The new Silverlight player features a full screen mode, bit rate controls, and scene toggling. It automatically loads when a video on demand movie request is made by a Mac user. The Windows Media player loads by default when a PC user makes a movie request.

Microsoft's Silverlight is a development platform that allows for rich media applications and business applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. Silverlight is a free plug-in powered by the .NET framework and is compatible across multiple browsers, devices and operating systems, including Macs.
Vivid and SugarDVD team up for Skateboard Giveaway - July 2010
Vivid and SugarDVD are giving away skateboards and other prizes as part of a new Summer Skateboard Giveaway! Four Vivid skateboards, autographed by Vivid girls Sunny Leone and Meggan Mallone, will be given away along with video on demand minutes and Vivid Blu-Ray discs. Winners will be chosen on August 31.
Spring Giveaways Begin - April 2010
Spring is here, and SugarDVD is kicking it off with a new Spring Giveaways promotion! SugarDVD along with Pink Visual will be giving away 30 download to own movies, 30 streaming movies, and 5 iPod Touch players loaded with Pink Visual movie clips! Five winners will be selected from the entries received.
SugarCash Proudly Sponsors XBiz LA And Mack 10 Players Ball - February 2010
The annual XBiz LA convention was held this month at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles. Webmasters from around the world gathered to discuss online strategy and their thoughts about the future. SugarCash was proud to participate in the event and be the exclusive bag sponsor this year.

After the convention XBiz held its 2010 Awards Show at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. SugarCash signed on as a main sponsor for the Mack 10 Awards after party. Hundreds turned out to enjoy the awards and Mack 10 event.
SugarDVD Nominated For Web Retailer Of The Year - December 2009
XBiz has nominated SugarDVD as Web Retailer Of The Year again! The XBiz Awards are a symbol of excellence dedicated to honoring the most influential companies and performers who play an essential role in the growth and popularity of adult entertainment. The 2010 XBiz Awards is being held at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, CA on February 10.
Download To Own Service Launched - December 2009
SugarDVD has launched a new Download To Own service with over 30,000 movies. Once purchased the movies are permanently available for unlimited viewing. Downloaded movies can be burned to a DVD or watched instantly from a computer. The service is Mac compatible and available on all browsers including Firefox!
SugarCash Sponsors Warren G Event - December 2009
SugarDVD's affiliate program SugarCash has signed on as a main sponsor of Warren G's Player's Ball event. The event will be held at Rain Night Club inside of the Las Vegas Palms Casino on January 10. Warren G was made popular by his Regulate album which went triple platinum. He started his career as a member of Dr. Dre's Dogg Pound and later formed the group 213.
SugarDVD Nominated Again For Best Retail Website - December 2009
SugarDVD has been nominated for AVN's Best Retail Website of 2009! The AVN Awards are dedicated to recognizing the outstanding products that have contributed to the advancement of the adult entertainment industry. This year's show is being held on Saturday, January 9th at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.
Winter Giveaway Begins - November 2009
Every week through December 31, 2009 SugarDVD will be giving away one free six-month DVD rental membership, one 60-minute video on demand package, and one $50 gift certificate good for anything on the site. These giveaways will lead up to the Winter Giveaway grand prize announcement on December 31st.

The grand prize will be selected by collecting votes for three possible prizes from those who enter. The three possible prizes include a Bose iPod SoundDock, a Sony 12.1 MP camera, and a 250 GB PlayStation 3! The prize that receives the most votes between now and December 31st will be awarded to the grand prize winner. For more information and official rules visit:
SugarDVD Now Available In Spanish - October 2009
Nielsen reports that there are 72 million Spanish speaking people online worldwide. SugarDVD is going after this market with a new Latin advertising campaign and Spanish language translation feature. Visitors can now translate the site into Spanish by clicking the Mexico flag located at the top of every page. Clicking on a US flag translates the site back to English. All sections of the site are automatically translated when the links are clicked.
History Of Celebrity Sex Tapes - August 2009
SugarDVD is included in the Washington Post's story on the history of celebrity sex tapes this month. The Post discusses the back catalog of celebrity sex tapes, asking "Why can't celebs get freaky without a camera rolling?"

SugarDVD was involved with the two most recent tapes discussed in the article, the Kim Kardashian and Ray-J tape, and the Mini Me tape. View full article
New Site Updates Launched - July 2009
The SugarDVD site has been widened and each page is now packed with more special offers and movies. All of the site's video-on-demand servers have been updated and stream movies faster than ever before.

Also, thousands of new DVDs have been marked down and all sex toys have been put on sale during the month of July. Every toy order placed during the month includes free shipping and lube. View full article discusses SugarDVD's MILF genre - May 2009
The popular women's health site,, asked their readers in May, "Should You Consider a Job in Porn?". The article discusses the increasing popularity of MILF porn online. The site says, "According to SugarDVD MILF porn is the second most popular genre (after interracial), up from 14th place last year. The company's most popular title, It's a Mommy Thing #4, recently overtook five-week champion, It's a Mommy Thing #3." The article's 40+ female author goes on to say, "maybe it's not such a bad thing being sexually objectified in your forties (words I never ever thought I'd write)." View full article
Marie Claire Magazine Interviews SugarDVD - April 2009
In this month's issue Marie Claire discusses trends in adult movie genres with SugarDVD. The article shares information on Sugar's top movie genres citing MILF as second only to interracial in popularity. It's A Mommy Thing #4 from Elegant Angel, a MILF title, was #1 on the site the day the article was released.
15 Days Of Giveaways Begins - April 2009
Starting April 15th SugarDVD will begin its first EVER "15 Days Of Giveaways." Giveaways will include brand new DVDs from Digital Playground and Elegant Angel, high-end sex toys, free rental memberships, and video on demand minutes!

15 lucky winners will be selected at random between April 15th - April 30th to receive the free goodies. No purchase is necessary to win. For more information and official rules visit:
Bonetown Video Game Adds SugarDVD Mission And In Game Promotions - March 2009
D-Dub Software has partnered with SugarDVD to bring live-action adult content to the first expansion pack for the adult action-adventure video game 'BoneTown'.

The first movie will screen in the BoneTown Theater, the movie will be incorporated into the game and made available to players only after they have completed the new mission. The incorporation of live-action content provided by SugarDVD into the game is just one new feature available in the BoneTown expansion pack, scheduled for release in spring 2009.

"By opening the theater, we offer our users a new way to view adult material as well as giving SugarDVD a new way of presenting their content." said business development manager Maximus Baptist VIII.
KDAY Valentine's Giveaways - February 2009
KDAY, one of LA's largest hip-hop stations, gave away several Valentine's baskets from SugarDVD this month. The baskets included free toys, DVDs, and DVD rental memberships. Winners called in during the week for a chance to win the prizes. Winners were announced live on the Goodfellas radio show.
New Flat Priced VOD Streaming Options Added - January 2009
SugarDVD continues to add new VOD services, the latest being a full movie streaming option. Now customers can pay as little as $4.95 to stream an entire movie. Customers can choose from a 2 day or a 7 day viewing period and watch a movie as often as they like during the period selected. SugarDVD has also added thousands of movie screenshots so customers can get a better idea of what's in a movie. Movies have up to 20 screenshots that are hand picked by Sugar's inventory department. More screenshots are being added to the site each week. View full article
SugarDVD mention on - January 2009 included SugarDVD in their recent AVN coverage. Complex is a cross-cultural buyer's guide and lifestyle magazine for young men age 18-34. They cover everything from the latest sneakers to hot girls.
NPR Discusses The Changing Times With SugarDVD - January 2009
NPR reporter Karen Bates sat down with SugarDVD to discuss how the economy is affecting the adult industry. NPR writes, "In seven years, the business [SugarDVD] has grown into the adult-entertainment version of Netflix."

In response to the overall decline in 08' of adult DVD sales, NPR says, "[SugarDVD] has diversified [their] offerings to include sex toys and high-quality video-on-demand to make up for DVD losses." The article goes on to discuss SugarDVD's plans for 09'. View full article
SugarDVD recommended in Playboy Magazine - December 2008
Millions of Playboy readers will find a recommendation for SugarDVD in this month's 55th Anniversary issue. In response to a reader who wrote into the magazine and said they were spending a fortune on adult DVDs, a Playboy editor responded, "there is no need to buy adult movies when you can rent them from services such as".
SugarDVD nominated for web awards - December 2008
XBiz has nominated SugarDVD for Web Retailer of the Year! SugarDVD has also been nominated for this year's AVN Best Retail Site award. SugarDVD won AVN's Best Retail Site award last year for Best Rental Site. The 7th Annual XBIZ Awards will take place Feb. 12 at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, California. The AVN Awards Show will be on January 10, 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.
Donations Made To Local Animal Shelter - November 2008
The Holiday season is upon us and SugarDVD is in the spirit of giving! This November, SugarDVD donated dog bones, pet food, chew toys, and other pet items to a local animal shelter. Each year, millions of pets are taken in by animal shelters across the nation. During the holidays, donated supplies make a huge impact on the quality of life of homeless animals. With plenty of food, warm blankets, and special treats abandoned pets can celebrate the season comfortably while waiting for their future families!
LA Times Reports On SugarDVD's Sex-Tape Offers - September 2008
The LA Times's stopped by SugarDVD's Los Angeles office to get the juicy inside details on the sex-tape trade. In an article titled "In the celeb sex-tape trade, there's more flirting than hookups" LA Times writes, "After reported that SugarDVD had screened the Troyer tape and was preparing an offer, the company [SugarDVD] put a statement on its website describing the tape and asking the actor to grant permission.

When Troyer filed suit, the company's name made it into newspapers from Missouri to Australia and got 15,000 mentions online, according to a Google search." View full article
SugarDVD Adds Mainstream Cult Classics - September 2008
SugarDVD has begun the process of adding cult classic titles to its library of over 30,000 video on demand movies. Some of the titles include Reefer Madness, Night of the Living Dead, Forbidden Zone, Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes series, and classic footage of Abbott & Costello and the Three Stooges. discusses SugarDVD's video on demand service - August 2008
In an article on how the adult industry is standing up to economic conditions talked with three of the industry's leaders. In the discussion SugarDVD's continued growth was credited to its aggressive innovations. Wired said, "SugarDVD has also stayed ahead of the curve -- the site launched a streaming service two years ago -- roughly a year before Netflix. It also offers a pay-per-minute service, which, depending on the movie, starts at 7 cents per minute." View full article
Verne Troyer drops suit against SugarDVD - July 2008
The LA Times reported today that Verne Troyer, aka Mini Me, has dropped his 20 million dollar lawsuit against SugarDVD. He received a permanent injunction that does not allow SugarDVD to release or sell his tape without his consent. Troyer has said that he wants to keep the contents of the video private and would never agree to sell it. View full article
Ok! reports on SugarDVD and Verne Troyer's tape negotiations - July 2008
Ok! writes, "A temporary restraining order, issued two weeks ago, expires Monday, which is when a hearing is scheduled to listen to both sides of the argument -- Verne's and SugarDVD, the company trying to sell the tape. Now, Verne is in talks with Kevin and SugarDVD and is requesting U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez to extend the restraining order for a week to allow the parties to negotiate." View full article
CNN reports on SugarDVD's Verne Troyer lawsuit - June 2008
CNN writes, "TMZ, which did not return telephone messages Friday, reported that the video could fetch $100,000 from [SugarDVD]. SugarDVD wrote in a statement on its Web site that it hoped to reach a deal with Troyer to distribute the full 50-minute version. The lawsuit included a pair of letters e-mailed to TMZ and SugarDVD, telling both entities to remove mentions of the tape from their Web sites and halt any plans to distribute it." View full article
Los Angeles Times discusses SugarDVD's court order - June 2008
The LA Times reports, "According to court papers, the video of Troyer and former girlfriend Renae Schrider was stolen from the actor's residence in the last few months and "was never intended . . . to be shown to the public."

The judge's order prohibits TMZ, promoter Kevin Blatt and SugarDVD, an online distributor of adult films, from selling or distributing the video. On Wednesday, TMZ broadcast clips from the video on its television show and posted clips on its website, according the suit.

TMZ reported that Blatt, who brokered the sale of Paris Hilton's sex tape, "is entertaining a $100K offer from SugarDVD to distribute the video." View full article
SugarDVD adds 100 more studios for VOD! - April 2008 continued to add to an impressive roster of new studios for their video-on-demand service in the months of March and April. "I am sure with my movies and the lines that I represent, we will be very successful," said Riccardo Santini of Bordellonoir, and broker to several more studios.

In March and April, Sugar signed up over 100 new studios to stream their movies on Among the newest batch of studios are Doghouse Digital, The Candy Shop, Mr. X, Hot Body International, and Ducati Productions. To date Sugar has contracts for over 55,000 movies signed up for its VOD services.
Adam & Eve and SugarDVD movie trailer contest begins - March 2008
Enter for a chance to have your homemade movie trailer featured as an extra on Adam & Eve's upcoming DVD, Carolina Jones. Other prizes include an Apple MacBook, free DVDs, and free rental memberships to SugarDVD! Contest submissions will be accepted through April 15. Online voting will begin April 26th. Visit the contest site for more details.
The Bishop Don "Magic" Juan says SugarDVD's got it goin' on! - February 2008
Known as America's Biggest Pimp, and Snoop Dogg's "spiritual advisor" the Bishop Don "Magic" Juan was out showing love at the SugarDVD sponsored Player's Ball. Lil Jon hosted the packed event that took place at the Highlands in Hollywood. The Don said "I usually wear green and gold because green is for the money and gold is for the honeys but tonight I'm livin' in a fine red coat with some fur for the Valentine's". Holding up his famous pimp cup he waxed poetic about SugarDVD, "Well, if it ain't where it's at, it's where it's at and SugarDVD's got it goin' on. It's livin and its lovin with y'all. You got a taste of everything. A little bit of the honeys. A little bit of the money." More info on The Bishop.
SugarDVD Wins 2008 AVN Award for Best Rental Site! - January 2008
Its official, SugarDVD is AVN's Best Rental Site of 2008! AVN made the announcement to a sold out crowd at its 25th Anniversary show. SugarDVD made several improvements to its site this year including a new look, more movies, and new features. AVN gives out hundreds of awards each year, but only two to websites. This years show was covered by adult and mainstream press from around the world including Showtime which will air SugarDVD's win later this month!
Hustler and SugarDVD finish deal to stock all Hustler titles - December 2007
In addition to completing SugarDVD's rental selection, National Sales Manager Michael Glaser has promised to improve the availability of Hustler titles on the site, "SugarDVD is a force of nature when it comes to mainstream exposure and I consider them to be one of the strongest sites in the industry. By partnering up with SugarDVD, we are allowing ourselves the type of visibility that can't be found anywhere else. LFP video group is determined to do our absolute best to keep EVERY Hustler title in stock year-round from now on!"
SugarDVD featured on international Azteca America Network - November 2007
Azteca America, Mexico's 2nd largest broadcasting network will bring SugarDVD into 60% of the nation's Hispanic households this week. Popular news anchor Jose Martin Samano filmed an exclusive interview with SugarDVD's Sandra Alvarenga as part of an expose covering Latinos working in the adult industry. The show will cover topics on the positions Latinos hold and the affect they have on the industry.
For more information on the show visit:
SugarDVD to Pump Fitty's Slump? - September 2007 reports, "Often-shot rapper 50 Cent is having trouble shooting up the record charts, and remains a few hundred thousand behind Kanye West in their record sale competition, but one of Cent's biggest fans is coming to the rapper's rescue!"
View full article
Flavor Flav is rappin' his regards for! - August 2007
The one and only Hypeman, Flavor Flav has been awarded SugarDVD's exclusive VIP lifetime membership. Flavor Flav said, "I want to give a shout out to SugarDVD and thank them for giving me a VIP card and the gift of a lifetime! I have to say, NO one has ever done that for your boy before."
VH1's Sizzler Talks About SugarDVD's Fire Crotch Sale - July 2007
Mainstream coverage for SugarDVD continues to accumulate as The Sizzler reports on the Fire Crotch sale. "The porn industry sure knows how to jump on the bandwagon. has learned that is offering what it bills as a Firecrotch DUI DVD special., the largest renter of XXX DVDs online, began offering the special this morning", The Sizzler says. The Sizzler offers high energy coverage of the hottest and latest gossip stories. It is hosted by Chuck Nice. Go to
TMZ reports on SugarDVD's Fire Crotch DVD sale - July 2007
SugarDVD is offering 50% off of all movies that have red-headed actresses. Titles include such red haired movies as "Cherry Pie" and "Nasty Little Redheads." 13% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity. View full article
SugarDVD recommended in Oprah Magazine - June 2007
When the July edition of Oprah Magazine hit newsstands it included a recommendation for SugarDVD. Violet Blue penned an article for the magazine about porn and women. In it she discusses new studies that show how women can enjoy and positively relate to porn. Violet says, "With porn, women like me get to experiment with making adult choices and trying on new fantasy ideas." She recommends SugarDVD in her story saying "It offers [a] diverse video selection and stringent privacy policies." For more on Violet Blue visit
SugarDVD gives away free rentals on KDAY's Goodfellas show - June 2007
Leilani and Kayla Marie will be guests on Los Angeles radio station KDAY 93.5 to promote SugarDVD. They will go on The Goodfellas top eight at eight show in their SugarDVD basketball uniforms to give away free rentals. KDAY broadcasts hip-hop today and back in the day in Los Angeles. It is home to the Steve Harvey morning show.
Las Vegas's #1 rock radio station begins SugarDVD giveaways - May 2007
Las Vegas's largest rock station, KOMP 92.3, has joined up with SugarDVD to giveaway free adult DVD rentals to its listeners each week during its morning show. Busty porn starlet, Rucca, kicked off the first show by discussing SugarDVD's services on air and giving away a year of free rentals.
Star Magazine talks to SugarDVD about LC's possible sex tape - April 2007
In its latest issue Star reports on SugarDVD's involvement in the continuing LC sex tape drama. It goes on to dish about Heidi's new plastic surgery and Jason Wahler's ever growing rap sheet!

Star reports the latest on celebrities. It has a circulation of over 1.3 million readers.
Us Weekly covers SugarDVD's offer for "The Hills" star tape - April 2007
Us Weekly discussed the offer made by SugarDVD for a rumored Lauren Conrad from "The Hills" sex tape. It went on to talk about SugarDVD's conversation with Jason Wahler's people and speculated on who may have leaked the news. Earlier in the week TMZ also ran the story on their site

Us magazine covers celebrity news and the latest trends in fashion, pop culture, beauty and entertainment. It has a circulation of over 1.7 million readers.
VH1's Best Week Ever Talks About SugarDVD's Barba Bid - March 2007
SugarDVD's bid to Antonella Barba was part of VH1's Best Week Ever news. The TV show discussed SugarDVD's large offer to Barba to become a spokesperson and host to its upcoming SugarVOD launch party.

On The Best Week Ever comedians analyze the past week's developments in pop culture, including recent happenings in entertainment and celebrity gossip. It is one of the most widely watched gossip shows of the week.
SugarDVD plans to pull in Antonella Barba after Idol - March 2007
In their ongoing search for a celebrity spokesmodel SugarDVD is making room for Antonella Barba. Last month a million dollar offer to Kim Kardashian was refused. This month they have their sites steadfast on Barba. Since making the offer the story has blown up on and other celeb gossip sites.

SugarDVD CEO Jax said, "We have set aside money for the right opportunity and we feel like this is it! You saw her photos online, she's smokin!" Jax has made it clear that a bidding war would be welcomed. "We will not lose because of money" he said.

SugarDVD is having a huge celebrity filled rollout party this summer for its new VOD service. They are looking for an awesome spokesmodel to host it by then. View full article
SugarDVD begins radio promotions with LA's largest hip hop radio show - February 2007
SugarDVD has teamed up with the Big Boy Morning radio show to promote its services to the hip hop market. Sixty second commercial spots about SugarDVD will begin airing this month on Big Boy's 105.9 radio show.

In addition to the commercials SugarDVD will be giving away custom graffiti Air Force One's on the show, done by one of LA's best underground graffiti artists. Each pair will be a one of a kind and include the SugarDVD logo. posts exclusive story on SugarDVD and Kim Kardashian - January 2007
TMZ spoke with, who offered Kim a staggering $2 million for exclusive rights. SugarDVD, the largest renter of adult DVDs online, has also told the socialite's representatives that if Kim signs the deal, they will also make her the official spokesperson for their company.

SugarDVD has also requested a meeting with Kim and Paris. They believe that Paris is against the deal, one of the reasons that Kardashian has not yet sold the tape. Kim Kardashian, who has a fashion consulting business, is the daughter of OJ Simpson's late attorney Robert Kardashian, and best buddy of Paris Hilton. View full article
New York Daily newspaper covers SugarDVD's celebrity sex tape negotiations - January 2007
Paris Hilton's hottest friend, Kim Kardashian may have a sex tape out soon if SugarDVD has its way. SugarDVD is pulling out all the stops to get Kim to release the tape to them exclusively. CEO, Jax Smith, said, "I believe the tape would bring in a tremendous amount of Internet traffic if we were to offer it on SugarDVD."

SugarDVD is planning to offer the video exclusively on its new video on demand service should they acquire it. New members would be able to watch the movie free with a paid membership to the site.

SugarDVD nominated for XBiz's 2007 Crossover Move of the year award - December 2006
After receiving tens of thousands of nomination submissions XBiz has released the official list of award nominees for the 5th Annual XBiz Awards, scheduled for Feb. 8 at the Highlands in Hollywood, Calif. The awards honor companies and products that have demonstrated innovation and excellence within the industry over the past year. The Crossover Move award is for successfully crossing over an adult brand into the mainstream.
SugarDVD nominated for AVN's 2007 Best Rental Website award - November 2006
The AVN Awards are achievement-based awards dedicated to recognizing the outstanding products and talented individuals that have contributed to the advancement of the adult entertainment industry. This year's show is being held on Saturday, January 13 at the Mandalay Bay.
SugarDVD and Vivid Kick Off Promotion on The Adam Carolla Show - November 2006
SugarDVD and Vivid have partnered up in order to bring its customers every Vivid title to-date. To kick things off, Vivid contract girl Stefani Morgan will go on The Adam Carolla Show to give away a free year of porn on and other goodies. Stefani said this of Vivid's promotion with SugarDVD, "I'm excited to be going on the radio. I also think it's really awesome that people can go onto Sugar and rent my movies now."
Jason W. Wins Hillary Scott Contest - September 2006
Jason W. won the grand prize of a VIP ticket to the wild Britney Rears 3 release party that included a SugarDVD limo ride with Hillary Scott. Jason rode in style and walked the red carpet before being escorted into the porn-a-delic bash where over 300 of Hillary's sexiest porn starlet girlfriends partied the night away.
SugarDVD goes on The Adam Carolla Show - August 2006
SugarDVD went on The Adam Carolla Show today and presented him with free porn for life. Jasmine Byrne, Xanthia, and Jackie went on the show to represent SugarDVD. Adam discussed our services and accepted our gift of free porn and pie.
SugarDVD discussed on Indie 103.1 - August 2006
In house PR rocker Jackie, went on Indie 103.1 Friday as a guest DJ. She discussed SugarDVD on her program to all the Los Angeles Indie rock listeners! In 2005 Rolling Stone Magazine called Indie 103.1 the coolest radio stadio in the country. ROCK ON!
New Win A Date With Ron Jeremy contest launched - August 2006
Win a burger and fries lunch date with Ron Jeremy. Jeremy is often referred to as one of the greatest porn icons of all time having been in the business for nearly 30 years. His career continually crosses the bridge between adult entertainment and the mainstream with movie and television credits including his recent stint on VH1's "The Surreal Life".
E! Channel includes SugarDVD on their list of Hollywood's hottest stories - August 2006
SugarDVD was included in the E! Daily 10. The Daily 10 highlights Hollywood's hottest stories of the day. E! is the #1 TV source for breaking entertainment headlines and celebrity gossip.
SugarDVD a top story on the NY Post's Page Six - July 2006
Page Six, the most widely read gossip column in the world writes about Tori Spelling renting adult movies from Thanks to her endorsement she will now receive a free lifetime membership to the site!
Hollywood Actress Tori Spelling a fan of - July 2006
In what may amount to the biggest mainstream celebrity to ever publicly announce an allegiance to a particular online adult service, Tori Spelling professed her fondness for renting porn DVDs in the mail from Internet rental powerhouse SugarDVD in a just-published article in Giant magazine. View full article
SugarDVD Nominated for Multiple Temptation Awards - July 2006
The Temptation Awards recognize outstanding talent and accomplishment in the individuals, companies, and products of the of the adult entertainment industry. SugarDVD has been nominated for the "Best Retailer" and "Best Video-On-Demand Company". This year's show will be held in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, July 29th, 2006.
SugarDVD Completes Playboy TV Talent Search - June 2006
The adult online DVD rental site reported that they'd recently completed six television episodes where a nationwide casting call was announced, providing girls across America with a chance to make their network debut with Playboy TV. SugarDVD and Playboy TV said that they will continue offering ladies from across the nation the chance to make their TV debut when the next season begins in August. View full article
SugarDVD Finds 3rd Time Is The Charm With Playboy TV - June 2006
SugarDVD choose a third lucky girl to make her national TV debut on the popular Night Calls television show last week. The Playboy Television studios were abuzz with activity just before the taping began and for lucky New York native Cassandra, the night was a blur of activity. "I can't believe I was chosen to be a guest on this show. Look at these girls, they're so beautiful and being on TV is just really cool."
SugarDVD & Playboy TV Offer Chance at Stardom for Lucky Lady - May 2006
SugarDVD enjoyed lights, camera and plenty of action as they revealed the first lucky selection from their open casting call with Playboy TV. Sharon, a curly haired cutie from Wisconsin was selected from a nationwide casting call and made her television debut along with popular co-hosts Jesse Jane and Kirsten Price. "I'm so excited to be on Playboy TV with Jesse and Kirsten. This was so cool and it really amazed me that I got selected."
SugarDVD partners with Playboy TV for Night Calls Casting Call - April 2006
SugarDVD and Playboy TV bring you a casting call that could land you in Hollywood for an opportunity to guest star on the popular Night Calls TV show. Are you a hot female that thinks you have what it takes to grace the set of Playboy's Night Calls? If selected you will be flown, courtesy of SugarDVD, to Los Angeles to appear on Playboy's Night Calls with host Jesse Jane! Watch Playboy TV's Night Calls with Jesse Jane Fridays at 9pm(EST), check your local listings. Submit your entry here. Good luck!
Dallas Distribution Center opens - March 2006
SugarDVD has announced that Dallas, Texas will become the company's newest distribution center effective March 1st. Faced with an expanding demand for adult movie product, it has determined that the creation of the Dallas center is crucial in meeting the company's objective of getting adult DVDs into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible.
SugarDVD Airs Tera Patrick Commercials on MTV, VH1, BET, Spike & E! - March 2006
The television commercials are unprecedented in the fact that each spot will be broadcast on a diverse line-up of cable channels historically reserved for non-adult entertainment topics. Patrick touches on the speed and ease of renting adult movies from SugarDVD and delivers the message with a touch of class. MTV will be the first to air the spots quickly followed by BET, Spike, VH1 and E!
Hustler Magazine calls SugarDVD "Red-Hot"! - January 2006
Hustler magazine reviews SugarDVD in this month's issue. "SugarDVD has made it so easy to rent and view adult movies, you may never leave your house again. SugarDVD is discreet with quick turn around times and a massive selection. SugarDVD is a Red-Hot website for putting porn in your hands - and DVD player" - Hustler. View full article
Consumption Junction and SugarDVD team up to for a Dream System Giveaway - January 2006
Absolutely free to enter. One grand prize winner will become the proud owner of a Sony Dream System; a home theater set-up that includes a five-disc DVD/SACD/CD player, five-speaker surround sound, and a subwoofer. Runners-up will receive free SugarDVD memberships and gift certificates.
SugarDVD, Elegant Angel, and Eroticy team up for the "Win A Date With Pornstar Tiana Lynn" contest - December 2005
CHATSWORTH, CA - SugarDVD's Win A Date With A Pornstar contest is back for round three! Win a movie and dinner date with porn superstar Tiana Lynn. 25 runners up will receive Tiana's Super Squirt #2 DVD courtesy of Elegant Angel and a free month's membership at No purchase is necessary to win and anyone who is 21 or older and residing in the United States can enter.
SugarDVD nominated for AVN's 2006 Best Rental Website award - November 2005
The AVN Awards are achievement-based awards dedicated to recognizing the outstanding products and talented individuals that have contributed to the advancement of the adult entertainment industry. The Twenty Third Annual AVN Awards show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, January 7th, 2006 at the Venetian Hotel Resort & Casino.
Eric T. to bowl with Ashley Blue - October 2005
The winner of the "Win a bowling and beer date with Ashley Blue" Contest has been selected. The lucky winner is Eric T. of Hollister, California. Congratulations, Eric! Practice up, we've heard Ashley is pretty good at bowling after a few beers.
SugarDVD receives nomination from XBiz - October 2005
The XBiz Awards honors companies that provide business products and services of excellence. Launched in 1998, XBiz is a destination for both seasoned business owners and the adult webmaster community. and JM Productions launch "Win a bowling and beer date with porn superstar Ashely Blue" Contest - August 2005
CHATSWORTH, CA - SugarDVD's Win A Date With A Pornstar contest is back. Win a bowling and beer date with porn superstar Ashley Blue. 25 runners up will receive Ashley's super nasty Girlvert #9 on DVD. No purchase is necessary to win and anyone who is 21 or older and residing in the United States can enter.
SugarDVD's "Win a Date with Mary Carey" Contest Winner announced live on the Howard Stern show - July 2005
Howard Stern has announced George B. from San Diego as the winner of SugarDVD's, "Win a Date with Mary Carey" Contest! and Kick Ass launch "Win a Date with Mary Carey" Contest - May 2005
CHATSWORTH, CA - Online rental megastore has teamed up with Kick Ass Pictures for the release of Mary Carey's latest movie, The Mary Carey Experience.

The new contest will give a lucky winner a trip to Los Angeles to spend an evening with Mary Carey. 50 runner-ups will also receive a copy of The Mary Carey Experience, courtesy of Kick Ass Pictures. No purchase is necessary to win and anyone who is 21 or older and residing in the United States can enter.
New Year's Eve porn party set to rock Hollywood - December 2004
HOLLYWOOD, CA - Hollywood braces itself for a New Year's Eve porn party explosion as two of Hollywood's most happening clubs team up to host one big super December 31st bash.

Club Ivar and Cinespace will be the hot spot for the 'Heaven and Hell 2K5 New Year's Eve' party where dozens of porn babes will be in attendance.

Sponsored by Joe Joe Promotions, Danny B Productions, eventsRus, and LA2Nite, this spectacular event will attract the most beautiful ladies from all parts of Los Angeles as and X-Play also co-sponsor.

Porn superstars Stephanie Swift, Charmane Star, Brittany Skye and Shy Love will be your party hostesses as they drink and party the night away with a gaggle of porn stars, producers and Hollywood types.

Both clubs will be open as the night melts into one big super party as the action continues until 3AM.

Those attending this special New Year's Eve bash, which is open to the public, will find themselves in the gorgeous proximity of today's most popular adult movie stars.

Story also featured in AVN.
SugarDVD featured in JANE magazine - August 2004
Jane Magazine Editor Nancy Millar met with our New York office representative over coffee to talk about SugarDVD's online rentals. You can see the full article in the August issue of Jane Magazine.

Racier Than Netflix by Nancy Millar
The brilliance of online adult-DVD rental cannot be overstated. In the privacy of your not-filled-with-men-in-raincoats home, you pick a bunch of pornos, type in your credit card info and wait impatiently for your shipments. You keep an online list of titles you want, and whenever they become available they mail you your choices. The discs come in plain envelopes, no nobody is the wiser, and you send them back whenever you're done. SugarDVD lets you keep 'em as long as you want, with no late fees. Generally, expect to pay between $9 and $50 a month. I recommend anything starring Tera Patrick.
SugarDVD's adult DVD rental service is discussed by - February 2004
"The specialized perks of SugarDVD's service includes discreet packaging -- and the ability to search for your favorite kink."

Wired reports on how technology and the Internet affect culture, the economy, and politics. In 2005 the magazine won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence in the category of 500,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers.
New York Distribution Center opens - November 2003
SugarDVD has just opened a new distribution center in New York to decrease the shipping times to East Coast customers. Now with distribution centers on the East and West Coast, customers will be able to receive and return their movies faster, allowing them to rent more movies per month.
SugarDVD featured in New York's TimeOut magazine - July 2003
TimeOut magazine takes you straight to the action with city guides to the world's top 33 cities. They have thousands of reviews on everything from restaurants to websites. Their article on SugarDVD highlights the benefits of renting porn online.

Dirty Little Secrets by Ethan LaCroix
Thanks to these online rental sites, you'll never have to wear a disguise to your corner video store again.

Most people aren't comfortable sauntering up to the counter at the local video shop and handing the hipster attendant the box for Buttman's Anal Divas. Sure, these clerks are professionals and they've seen it all-but do you really want them to know you've got a woody for some ass action?

For anyone who dreads facing the video clerk, one of the only options until recently was to buy your porn. That meant you were stuck with an expensive movie that may or may not turn your crank. But several companies, in the tradition of the mainstream hit Netflix, are now offering the chance to rent all the smut your eyes can handle from a private perch in front of your computer.

The following are representative of a growing cadre of sites that offer unlimited monthly rentals by mail, with various subscription rates determining how many DVDs you can have out at a time (they're delivered in discreet packaging, of course). You also get postage-paid returns and will never have to pay late fees as long as you remain a member.

SugarDVD offers the widest selection of plans among the sites we found, from the "Beginner" ($9.95 a month for one DVD at a time) to "Extreme" ($43.95 for up to eight movies). Most of the girls on the site are at least semiclothed, meaning you might not get fired for surfing here at work.
Violet Blue, author of The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos, names SugarDVD her favorite place to rent adult movies online - July 2003
"Why buy the cow when you only need a little cream in your morning coffee? I love the whole concept of the adult Netflix -- and SugarDVD is where I rent my adult DVD's online. They have excellent service, are highly recommended by friends and Tiny Nibbles fans alike, and have a smooth site." - Violet Blue

Violet Blue's latest book: The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos is now for sale on "Violet Blue has done her usual outstanding job of collecting and disseminating information on nearly every facet of the complex subject." - Mike Ostrowski, Playboy
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