Luke Longly

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  • Starring:  Cory ChaseLuke LonglyAlex Adams
  • Movie Synopsis:  Cory holds tight onto the sheets as her son slides his cock inside of her. She can't stop this from happening. The big cock fills and stretches her pussy. She's used like a fuck doll that can only lay... Read more
  • Starring:  Ashly AndersonLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Ashly Anderson is innocent enough, a submissive daughter perfect for Daddy to take advantage of her and toughen her up!
  • Starring:  Alex BlakeLuke LonglyKadence Marie
  • Movie Synopsis:  A coming of age story of two Daughter's and their loving Father. He teaches them how to become women and they give him a lifetime of pleasure.
  • Starring:  Andi JamesLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Mom, Andi James, learns the hardway that nothing in life is free. After Dad falls behind on the bills, she must offer her behind to her Son to catch up on Rent and other bills.
  • Starring:  Lena PaulCory ChaseLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  "I'm so horny all the time, all I really want is having a mans cock inside of me. I've never had it but I'm so curious" Lena writes in her diary. A phone call and one dirty bet later Lena is... Read more
  • Starring:  Cory ChaseMichele JamesLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  My sister Michele comes into my room to vent. Dad has been ignoring her lately and she doesn't know what she did. She explains that in this family they have a special relationship. " Whenever yo... Read more
  • Starring:  Cory ChaseAndi JamesMelanie HicksLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Andi stopped being a mother to her son a long time ago and now that hard times have fallen on her and her daughter, she has nowhere else to turn. Andi's daughter, Cory, has used up all the money they ... Read more
  • Starring:  Andi JamesLuke Longly
  • Movie Synopsis:  Mom sits me down and teaches me about sex. I am fixated on her large breasts, she notices and opens up her robe. The rest is history? A New Beginning to a Lasting Loving Relationship?
  • Starring:  Andi JamesLuke LonglyBrick Danger
  • Movie Synopsis:  The stress and exhaustion of fucking his Nonna have finally caught up with him. He takes the longest nap of his life, trying to out sl--p his racing thoughts. But his birthday present isn't over yet. ... Read more