Secret Crushes  (2013)

Love, Anonymous  (2015)

Tango To Romance  (2011)


Carrie's Secret  (2014)

Bedtime Stories  (2013)

Venus In Furs  (2011)

Fragment of Love  (2016)

Heavenly Moments  (2013)

Delicious  (2011)

Muse, The  (2013)

Soft & Sweet  (2013)

Brave Hearts  (2012)

  • Starring:  Faye ReaganRocco Reed
  • Movie Synopsis:  Sarah (Faye Regan), the most famous Romance Novelist in the world, is writing the final book in her series of best-selling love stories. Admired by women from all walks of life, you would think that s... Read more

High Contrast  (2014)

Wellness  (2014)