Desperate Pleasures Movies

  • Starring:  Helena PriceMaxine XNadia White
  • Movie Synopsis:  Maxine X What are you doing on my bed with my bra son? And my panties too? Were you getting ready to play with Mr. Winkie and think about mommies naked body? Looks like I got here just in time because... Read more
  • Starring:  Alice MerchesiLucie ClineOlivia Kasady
  • Movie Synopsis:  Alice Merchesi I've been having lots of dreams about my Daddy and they're pretty sexual. Quite a few of them feel so real it's hard to ignore how they make all 4'6" of me tingle. The other night ... Read more

Family Lies  (2014)

Cum In Me Daddy  (2016)

  • Starring:  Bambi BrooksPayton SimmonsEsmi Lee
  • Movie Synopsis:  Bambi Brooks Dear Daddy: I know I can't tell you this so I thought I'd write it down. These feelings I keep getting when I think about you are getting so intense. I think about your cock sliding in m... Read more

Taboo Handjobs 3  (2015)


Footjob Virgins  (2014)