Brianne Blu

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Twister  (2020)

  • Starring:  Kenna JamesMona WalesBrianne Blu
  • Movie Synopsis:  When a life-threatening storm f-rces step-sisters Kenna James and Brianne Blu into a closet, their true fears and feelings come out. When jealous step-mother Mona catches them, watch the story unfold.... Read more
  • Starring:  Kenna JamesBrianne Blu
  • Movie Synopsis:  Cool step-sister Kenna James is telling homebody Brianne Blu all about her nights out on the town. Brianne badly wants to join the crew, but is it for the right reasons? The next day, while doing an o... Read more

Inheritance, The  (2020)

  • Starring:  Alex CoalTyler NixonBrianne Blu
  • Movie Synopsis:  Stepsister, Brianne Blu, is not the sort of girl you want to have over for dinner. She has bad manners, and her stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, and his sweet little wife, Alex Coal, oftentimes neglect to re... Read more
  • Starring:  Penny PaxMona WalesBrianne Blu
  • Movie Synopsis:  It's hard for a young nineteen year old girl to learn that she's a lesbian, but it's even harder when you learn that you're attracted to your own stepmother. Penny Pax came into my life when my real m... Read more

Daddy's Bad Girl  (2020)

  • Starring:  Penny PaxRyan McLaneBrianne Blu
  • Movie Synopsis:  Brianne is coming home! Brianne has been at college for the first year, and it's terrible to say aloud, but Penny feels relieved that the girl has been gone. It was her intention to use this time away... Read more
  • Starring:  Alex CoalBrianne Blu
  • Movie Synopsis:  Brianne is dating Alex's brother but is unsure if she can deal with him for the rest of her life. She is also torn by a secret crush in her life. Watch the story unfold...