Kim Pope

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  • Starring:  Kim PopeJamie Gillis
  • Movie Synopsis:  After being assaulted by a group of men, a young prostitute is taken in by a secret sect of beautiful female kung-fu masters, who teach her about the erotic side of martial arts.

Wild Campus  (1971)

  • Starring:  Cindy West Kim PopeJamie GillisMarc Stevens
  • Movie Synopsis:  Harry has several problems performing in bed. To help cure him of this problem, he decides to seek help from a special doctor. The doctor then sends him to a guru, Maharishi. With all of these horny ... Read more
  • Starring:  Cindy West Kim Pope
  • Movie Synopsis:  The words "virgin" and "nymph" could be seen many times plastered upon the marquees of innumerable 42nd Street Grindhouses and storefront theaters. Promising illicit thrills of sex... Read more
  • Starring:  Kim PopeLevi RichardsMichael Thorpe
  • Movie Synopsis:  This comedic short from 1975 plays like an x-rated version of a Hogan's Heroes episode. Two bumbling German guards fumble their way through a threesome with their domineering and demanding female supe... Read more