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Banging Busty Latinas  (2012)  Compilation

Cuntry Girls  (2012)  Compilation

Right on Red  (2007)  Compilation

Heels of Fortune  (2007)  Compilation

All Dat Azz 27  (2005)

Fuck Ya' Later Alligator  (2007)  Compilation

When MILFs Attack  (2008)  Compilation

Latina Chasers  (2008)

  • Starring:  ExoticaJasmineLena JuliettMegan Martinez
  • Movie Synopsis:  This is for all of you Latin pussy lovers out there! Get ready to plunge into some spicy Latin poon and fuck until you explode! These exotic whores love rough sex and are down for anything!

ASSministrator's ASSistant, The  (2012)  Compilation

Natural Freaks  (2002)

Hard Cock Cafe  (2010)  Compilation

Big Foot in My Pants  (2006)  Compilation

Hardcore Latinas  (2011)  Compilation

  • Starring:  Brandy TaloreExoticaMelanie HotlipsRoxy Rose
  • Movie Synopsis:  Women of all ages crave sex. Sit back and enjoy as we bring you women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's all getting fucked silly in this special MEGA TIT edition. From Brandi, a young 20 year ... Read more

Down With The Brown  (2006)  Compilation

Three's Humpany  (2007)  Compilation


Chubby Chasers  (2001)

Booty Bandit  (1998)

  • Starring:  Exotica
  • Movie Synopsis:  It's fun to get new things, especially a new toy! Co-ed Exotica has picked up quite a few new toys and she can't wait to play with them! She starts out in the shower, playing with her pussy with one o... Read more
  • Starring:  ExoticaPeter Dickem
  • Movie Synopsis:  Peter Dickem is at it again. This time he's getting head from a saucy little ebony nurse named Exotica. After sucking Peter off for a while, Exotica turns around and hops on for a bit of a ride before... Read more

Missing Persons  (2007)

Mother Fucker  (2009)  Compilation

Titter  (2009)  Compilation

Myne Tease 5  (2005)

Oops, Wrong Hole!  (2006)  Compilation

Something New  (1991)

  • Starring:  ExoticaLatoya Peter Dickem
  • Movie Synopsis:  These two amateur babes have had lots of experience during their collegiate years, but now they want to take it all one step further during their undergrad walk, so they try Something New. A threesome... Read more