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  • Starring:  Anthony LawtonApril MayDeacon BluePearlSukoya
  • Movie Synopsis:  Jack's back! This time his trusty scalpel has been replaced by an even more fiendish instrument. The feather of doom! Now fearful females who walk the night must search the shadows to avoid a fate wor... Read more
  • Starring:  Anthony LawtonSukoya
  • Movie Synopsis:  A lovely ballerina has just finished her performance at the old Paris Opera House. As she leaves the stage, she is takenby a shadowy figure lurking in the wings. In a vast cavern beneath the opera hou... Read more
  • Starring:  PrincessDustySukoya
  • Movie Synopsis:  Let's drop in for a night at the famous bondage club. Tonight our guest hostess, the Latin Sukoya, performs the most advanced bondage techniques on two of the loveliest slaves to grace our stage. It i... Read more

Climax Shots #1: I Like It Like Fat  (1999)  Compilation